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Mail Services and Deliveries

Mail Services Usage & Privacy Policy

The Mail Services office is located on the south end of the Bookstore Plaza (next to Common Grounds). An auxiliary office, including student mailboxes, is located just north of the Student Union Building. Mail Services is for the convenience of the university and is not part of the U.S. Postal Service.

This system includes “Campus Mail” (in-house, internal mailings), and “Outside Mail” (USPS mail, delivery services such as UPS or FedEx).

Since important material and communication are often distributed through student mailboxes, students are required to check their mailboxes regularly. Tampering with another person’s mail is a federal offense as well as a violation of University policy.

Purpose and Use Restrictions

Use of “Campus Mail” must be in accord with University policy and applicable law. Campus Mail will be accepted only from current and emeritus Biola employees and students, and from university departments and recognized student organizations. Campus Mail service is restricted to those mailings directly related to (a) official university business, and (b) personal communication between members of the Biola community. It is not available to outside agencies, organizations, and commercial firms for activities not directly sponsored or conducted by the university. Also, use of Mail Services for the personal and private business of university students, faculty, and staff members is subject to the discretion of the Mail Services office. This policy is designed to ensure compliance with federal regulations and university guidelines relating to the use of U.S. and Biola Mail Services.


Once “Outside Mail” comes to Biola University from the USPS or other delivery service, Biola University is acting as an agent for the recipient (not as a “contract employee” of the USPS) and, as such, inspection and delivery by Biola University is subject to the following provisions.

Biola University reserves the right to inspect the contents of any item, whether Campus Mail or Outside Mail, and to withhold delivery of any inappropriate or suspicious items. While Biola Mail Services will not routinely open mail, items will be opened by authorized Mail Services supervisory personnel when:

  • no other means can be used to determine recipient or, in the case of mail that must be returned, when the sender cannot be determined.
  • material that is inappropriate or suspected to be inappropriate is found. Such material is subject to being opened. Mail Services personnel will withhold delivery of such material and notify the Office of Student Development if mail items contain substances, materials or communication that violate the mission and policies of Biola University.
  • suspicious mail items are found. Mail Services personnel will withhold delivery of such material; safety authorities may be called to investigate and these items may be opened to determine the contents.

Material is considered inappropriate or objectionable which (among other things) depicts, expresses or deals with matters of nudity, sexual activity, sex, drug misuse or addiction, crime, cruelty or violence in a manner that conflicts with the stated mission, standards, and policies of Biola University. Final determination of inappropriateness shall rest with the Vice President of Student Development or his/her designee.

Delivery of Perishables, Grocery Deliveries

Delivery of perishable grocery items through the USPS or Biola Mail Services is prohibited. Perishable grocery items require timely, location specific, and often refrigerated deliveries. Direct delivery of groceries is not offered by Biola Mail Services or USPS to on-campus residences or undergraduate Biola owned apartments.

Availability of Mailboxes

Students should be aware that mailbox assignments are given to on-campus enrolled students only. Once a student graduates, withdraws, or is not enrolled in any classes, the mailbox assignment will no longer be available.

Upon graduating, withdrawing, or otherwise leaving enrolled status, a student should file a change of address with the University. Address changes can be made by going to under "Personal Information" and either filling a new address in the Local spot or leaving the address that is posted in the Permanent address box. USPS address changes can be handled at your local US Post Office. Students should update their addresses with all current mailers/shippers for address changes.