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Identification Cards

Each student is issued an official identification card at no cost when first enrolled. This card is required for entry into various University facilities, as well as for participation in University services and functions, such as food services, library access, Chapel attendance, and student elections. Students are expected to carry their card at all times.

Identification cards are not re-issued every academic year. Students are responsible for keeping their ID card in good condition. If an ID card is lost, damaged, worn or stolen, a replacement may be purchased at the Auxiliary Services ID Card Office, located in the Student Services Building. The replacement fee is $25 may be paid by cash, credit card, or check and cannot be charged to a student account.

ID cards are the property of Biola University and are non-transferable. Unauthorized use or altering of the card in any way, including using another student’s card, or allowing someone else to use your card, may result in disciplinary action. Further, this card must be presented for identification purposes to any University official upon request. The card becomes void upon termination or interruption of enrollment.