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Holidays and Summer


  1. As established in Important Dates, academic year housing fees do not include charges for summer. Housing for summer must be arranged for separately at separate costs.
  2. Residents may stay in housing during Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break and Spring Break at no additional cost. Meal service may be limited during these holiday periods.
  3. CHRISTMAS BREAK (Check Important Dates to make sure you have the most current move-in dates and times).
    1. Halls will be closed for Christmas Break. Residents will be able to request an exception to stay should they require housing over the break.
  4. No guests that live outside of Biola housing are allowed in any residence hall or apartment buildings over the break. No guests that live outside your building are allowed to stay overnight.
  5. No Open House hours are allowed during Thanksgiving, Christmas or Spring Break.
  6. Students who are cancelling their Housing Contract for the Spring semester (e.g. graduating in December, withdrawing/transferring, living at home) MUST move out and formally check out at the Housing & Residence Life Office during Fall Finals Week. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.


Summer Housing

Check Important Dates to make sure you have the most current move-in dates and times.

  1. Summer housing is available for students who are (a) enrolled in Summer classes, or (b) pre-registered for Fall classes. Summer housing is not available for students who have graduated or withdrawn from the university in Spring.
  2. Students must apply for summer housing no later than the deadline publicized by the Housing & Residence Life Office to be eligible.
  3. Students may apply for the entire summer housing period at full cost or for one consecutive portion of the Summer housing period at a daily prorated cost.
  4. Students will be billed based on the desired housing dates they provide on their Summer Housing Application. Any modification of these dates must be requested in writing in advance to the Housing & Residence Life Office and must be approved by the Housing & Residence Life Office.
  5. See Important Dates for summer housing check-in dates and times.
  6. Students contracting for summer housing will complete a supplemental Summer Housing Contract with additional summer housing-specific terms and conditions.