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Rates & Security Deposit

Single (Unmarried) Graduate Student Housing

Available for unmarried graduate students enrolled full-time in an on-campus academic program. 

Housing is furnished and provided in on-campus residence halls or in houses owned or managed by Biola. Residence hall rooms and houses are furnished with standard twin beds, desks, desk chairs, 3-drawer dressers, 2-shelf bookcases and wastebaskets. The houses also are furnished with a couch, dinette set, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator and stoves/oven.

Residents pay a per-person monthly rate, based on the number of occupants per bedroom. Housing rates includes gas, electricity, water, and trash disposal. Internet access is provided in residence hall rooms; house residents may arrange for it at their own expense. Television and telephone services may be arranged at residents’ own expense in the houses (not available in residence hall rooms).

Graduate Housing includes the following: Biola House, Calpella House, Figueras House, Gardenhill House, Philosophy House, Springford House, Whiterock House, Sigma Hall and Thompson Hall.

Married & Family Graduate / Undergraduate Housing

Available for married couples or students with minor children. Available for undergraduate or graduate students enrolled fulltime in an on-campus academic program.

Family Housing is provided in five apartment complexes on Rosecrans Avenue within walking distance of campus. The complexes have one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. These apartments have stoves/ovens and refrigerators provided but are otherwise unfurnished. The monthly rent is per apartment unit. Residents pay for their own gas and electricity, while Biola pays for water and trash disposal. Television, telephone, and internet services may be arranged at residents’ own expense.

Family Housing includes the following: 14339, 14345, 14353, 14357, and 14509 Rosecrans Avenue.

Security Deposit

A Security Deposit of $300 for Graduate Housing residents and $500 for Family Housing residents will be required prior to signing a Housing Contract.

Provided your University Account balance is paid in full, a refund of the Security Deposit, less the cost of damages in excess of normal wear-and-tear, will be made to you within three weeks if the Housing Contract is canceled properly according to the guidelines in the Contract Cancellation section of this Handbook.

Housing Fee Payment Options

Housing fees are due on the first calendar day of each month. A $25 late fee is due beginning the fourth day of the month. Please contact our offices for hours of operation to pay in person. You may pay by check, cash (exact amount), money order, or electronic check. Housing fees may be paid at the Auxiliary Services office in the Student Services Building or online via electronic check. The University reserves the right to require students to pay by cash or prepaid money order at any time.

A $25.00 accounting charge will be assessed for the handling of any returned check or declined ACH payment.

If your financial aid is more than is needed for tuition, you may use some of your credit balance on your student account to make housing payments. Contact the Graduate & Family Housing Office for instructions on using your financial aid toward your housing fees. If you plan to use financial aid funds, you must notify the Graduate & Family Housing in advance to avoid late fees for the month. Financial aid is released on your student account approximately 3-4 weeks into each semester. Your financial aid will not be available to pay for your housing charges until after it has been credited to your student account. You may not pay housing charges late while waiting for financial aid’s release. Expect to pay all housing charges that are due prior to financial aid’s release out-of-pocket from your own funds via cash, check, or electronic check by the due date. You can then replenish your funds with the released financial aid.