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Care of the Facilities

Residents' Responsibilities

  • You must maintain the assigned premises in good condition and repair. Upon termination of the housing contract, we expect the premises to be surrendered in the same condition as when received, ordinary wear and tear and acts of nature excepted.
  • All trash must be disposed of in dumpsters outside the building, not in community areas.
  • Electronic waste may be disposed of only in approved locations on campus.
  • House residents must push trash bins out on the street the night before trash pickup and move them back onto the house property the night following trash pickup.
  • Residents may not sleep in living rooms or other common areas, but only in their assigned bedroom.
  • Bathrooms in houses are to be shared equally. No one has their own personal bathroom


  • All residents must keep houses, rooms, apartments, and community areas clean at all times. Cleaning work in Graduate Housing must be shared equally among all residents of the house or suite. Residents are responsible for assigning equitable cleaning responsibilities.
  • Residents must provide all cleaning supplies, except in houses where a vacuum is provided.
  • All used dishes and cookware must be cleaned and stored away within 24 hours of being used, except in Sigma andThompson Halls where they must be cleaned and stored away immediately after use.
  • In all Graduate Housing, old food must be discarded weekly from community refrigerators to prevent mold development and stains.
  • No clothes are to be left in Graduate Housing bathrooms at any time, and towels are to be stored away neatly after use.
  • Toilets, sinks, and shower doors and walls in bathrooms in all Graduate & Family Housing are to be cleaned bi-weekly to prevent development of mildew, mold, and other damage.
  • Graduate Housing residents must clean up messes made in the kitchen and put away any personal or University-owned items immediately after use.

Laundry Room

  • Laundry rooms and laundry equipment are for the exclusive use of residents.
  • Residents may not store any personal belongings or clothing in laundry rooms.
  • Laundry machines are owned and maintained by a third-party vendor, not by Biola University.

Rosecrans Apartments Outdoor Areas

  • Due to fire code and in the interest of keeping up the appearance of the complex, walkways in front of apartments must be kept clear of all personal belongings with the exception of welcome mats.
  • Do not hang anything except small wind chimes or bird feeders on or over the railings.
  • Personal barbecue grills may be used in the patio areas outside of pool gates, away from walls and woodwork but not under overhanging balconies. Cooled grills may be stored along the walls out of traffic areas. Grills may not be stored or used in apartments, laundry rooms or garages, or on upstairs walkways.


  • Biola does not provide storage for student belongings, including over the summer.
  • Do not store personal items, except bicycles, in the carports or garages, except within carport storage lockers available in some Family Housing units.
  • Engines, jet skis, boats, tires, gasoline, oil, fuel cans, photographic development chemicals, and any flammable, hazardous,or toxic substances may not be stored anywhere on University property.

Maintenance and Pests

  • Report maintenance needs to Facilities Management.
  • Report furniture needs to Residential Facilities.
  • Report pest or rodent problems to Residential Facilities.
  • The University provides weekly pest control services through a third-party contractor.
  • Residents must carefully inspect all furniture, mattresses, and clothing brought into University Housing for bed bugs. In the event that bed bugs are found in any Housing property, all residents must comply with all treatment and prevention instructions provided by the University to stop the infestation.
  • Students who bring bed bug-infested items into University Housing or who fail to comply with all treatment procedures and who thereby aid the spread of an infestation may be held financially liable for treatment costs, including but not limited to, replacing University-owned mattresses or furnishings damaged by the infestation.


  • You are responsible for the area in which you live.
  • Report damage immediately to the Graduate & Family Housing office. Timely reporting could decrease the cost of repair and could lessen the overall impact of the damage.
  • Each student must complete a Housing Inspection Form and submit it to the Graduate & Family Housing Office within 72 hours of move-in. Students must record all pre-existing damage or missing items on this form. Any damage or missing items discovered during the year which are not recorded on the Housing Inspection Form will be considered as having occurred after the student moved in, and the student and/or their housemates will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacement of the damaged or missing item(s). Students must keep a copy of their Housing Inspection Form when they turn it in. Biola University is not responsible for missing or misplaced Housing Inspection Forms.
  • Any projects, including art projects as part of Biola classes, which involve painting, dyeing, or other potentially damaging activities may not be performed on any University-owned property.
  • Repair costs for any damage other than normal wear and tear will be charged to your student account.
  • If the individual responsible for damage, loss or defacement cannot be determined, the relevant costs may be equally assessed to all the residents of the house, hall, or apartment