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Entertainment Choices

Because film, television, and music are the principal forms of art and entertainment in American culture, the university encourages students to think seriously about the artistic merits as well as the moral and philosophical implications of the material. Discernment must be exercised in avoiding all activities that are spiritually or morally harmful. Individual decisions regarding movies, television programs, music, video games and all forms of electronic media and other activities are expected to reflect this moral commitment. Biola University does not presume to be a censoring agency for all activities; it does, however, expect tangible evidence of maturing Christian convictions and discerning judgment.

Although the university discourages the use of the industry rating code as a guide in determining which films and programs are "acceptable" for Christians, films with an "R" rating are not permitted for viewing in public places on campus, nor are television programs rated “MA.” Students are encouraged to select films and programs of aesthetic and ethical interest that offer an important perspective on contemporary culture, and will show discretion not only in the content of the material viewed, but in the amount of time spent in such activity.