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Dress Standard

This policy intends to uphold the values of Biola University specifically regarding our community standards for dress. Clothing and dress are an aspect of every human environment, and these standards at Biola help us together foster a Christ-centered community, healthy relationships and a positive learning environment.

Christian education aims at cultivating wisdom and discernment among its students; to detail acceptable and unacceptable dress is neither feasible nor does it encourage wisdom and personal responsibility. Rather, we ask that you clothe yourselves (literally and relationally) in ways that communicate dignity, respect, self-awareness, and that considers the well-being of others.

Certainly, we expect our community to abstain from clothing that might be reasonably received as tasteless, hostile, slanderous, provocative, exaggerated or persistent cross-dressing, and/or culturally appropriated in ways that might be offensive. Love for one another, as in many other things, is the rule here.

We do require shoes and shirts to be worn in all buildings and public areas. Shirts must be worn with the exception of pool areas, areas designated for sunbathing (e.g. Alpha sun deck and Biola owned apartments), and during sports activities.