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Elections and Hiring

Every Spring semester, the Student Government Association (SGA) conducts elections for the executive and legislative board, consisting of the Student Body President, Senior Vice President, and Senate seats for each dorm on and off campus.

The following have been elected into SGA:

SGA President and Vice President

Christie Macris
Christie Macris, President

Andrew Cantelmi
Andrew Cantelmi, Vice President

SGA Senators

Iziphozonke Mlambo
Iziphozonke Mlambo, Blackstone Senator

Kaylee Morris
Kaylee Morris, Hart Senator

Executive Board

The Incoming SGA President and Vice President will conduct interviews for Executive board. The Executive Board is comprised of:

  • VP of Administrative Services
  • VP of Diversity and Inclusion
  • VP of Marketing and Communications

Department Support Staff

Each Department will hire support staff, which is comprise of:

  • President Intern
  • Senator Intern
  • Four Office Assistants
  • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Diversity Coordinator
  • Financial Controller

If there is no candidate representing a dorm, Senator positions do not have to fulfill the election process and can be hired.

The following senate positions are open:

  • Alpha
  • Block Apartments
  • Bluff Apartments
  • Hope
  • Horton
  • Two Off Campus Commuter Senator
  • Sigma

Stewart dorm is being incorporated with Hart to become StewHart. Whether a 2nd senator is required has yet to be decide.

All positions, excluding support staff, are paid.

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