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B.S. in Mathematics

Mission Statement

A Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics provides a strong foundational core for students who wish to pursue graduate studies in pure or applied mathematics; to pursue a career in applied mathematics (e.g., statistics, computer science, operations research, and actuarial mathematics) immediately after obtaining a B.S.; or to teach mathematics in middle school and high school. The courses taken to satisfy the degree requirements are taught viewing mathematics as part of God's creation, and there is a concentrated effort to integrate faith and learning.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, students will be able to:


Demonstrate the abilities to think abstractly, problem solve, and prove theorems.


Demonstrate the abilities to problem solve, apply mathematical theory to practical situations, and use math-related technology.


Develop mathematical content mastery, according to their concentration, for graduate work, high school teaching, or employment in industry.


Develop a pattern of personal integrity and the ability to articulate the implications of a biblical worldview concerning mathematics.


After diverse interactions with faculty and students, the student should exhibit the abilities to problem-solve in groups, and successfully communicate mathematical ideas.


Curriculum Map

A Curriculum Map shows which courses in a degree program are responsible to intentionally develop each PLO at the Introductory, Developing, and Mastery levels.

Assessment Plan

An Assessment Plan is a listing of the student work that will be used to assess achievement of each learning outcome.

Assessment Schedule

An Assessment Schedule is a 5-year schedule that indicates when each of the PLOs will be assessed and when the comprehensive Program Review will occur.

Annual PLO Assessment Reports

The Annual Reports from each year’s PLO assessment.

Program Review Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report from the most recent comprehensive Program Review.