Top Reasons to Work at Biola University

  • By far, the top reason that applicants want to work at Biola University is because the University’s doctrinal statement and standard of conduct is in line with their own.  
  • Often applicants are seeking employment that offers deeper fulfillment and they recognize that by working at Biola University their work will have an impact on eternity.
  • Applicants also like knowing that all of their co-workers have the same core beliefs and enjoy being in community with other believers.
  • The legacy of Biola University throughout its history and its current positive influence in the Christian community also is a strong draw for applicants. Our students and employees are our best advertisement, many times recommending that family members and friends apply.
  • The benefits at Biola show the value that the University puts on having a good work/life balance. Various paid leaves such as vacation, family sick leave, personal business leave and bereavement leave are strong evidence of its support.
  • Many times applicants comment on the natural beauty of the campus. It lends to applicants feeling at “home” when they walk on the campus and are surrounded by God’s amazing creation.
  • Over the years the services and resources that Biola provides to the Christian community as well as the surrounding community has led to many applicants’ desire to one day be employees. Many applicants comment on how they have felt safe taking walks on campus or that their children have taken lessons at the swimming pool. Others have been to the campus for various events over the years such as the Defending the Faith series, conferences, city-wide fairs and safe Halloween alternatives.