Mission Statement

The mission of Human Resources at Biola University is to equip and empower employees to educate and serve students, preparing them in mind and character to impact the world for our Lord Jesus Christ. Human Resources’ role is one of support, education, guidance and encouragement.


Human Resources is focused in the following disciplines:

Training Striving for excellence in our employees; work through professional education, career development, performance coaching, and recognition programs which lead to a highly skilled and motivated work force.

Employee Relations Attracting and retaining the highest caliber employees in their fields through competitive salaries, benefits, and by valuing people through love, respect, a safe workplace and a spirit of fair and equitable treatment.

Administration Demonstrating a high level of responsibility and integrity in maintaining accurate records, providing inter-departmental information and complying with government regulations.

Management Support Maintaining an effective and dynamic organization by facilitating staffing changes, providing upward/downward communication vehicles, and by providing data and information on which to base management decisions.