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Meal Plan Costs and Options

Our meal plans are offered with either a per-week or per-semester meal allowance. For instance, a "10 flex/meal" plan allows you to use up to 10 meals per week in Cafe Biola while a "20 block" plan allows you to eat 20 meals per semester in Cafe Biola. Per-week meal plans replenish themselves every Sunday. For example, if you're on the "10 flex meal" plan, then every Sunday, 10 meals are downloaded onto your ID card. If you are on a block plan, you will get a one-time download of either 20 or 175 meals for the entire semester.

Bon Appetit, Biola’s food service contractor, has won awards in the food service industry for being a trendsetter.

Minimum Meal Plan Requirement

  • All residence hall residents, whether full- or part-time, are required to purchase a minimum 10-meals-per-week plan.
  • Apartment residents and commuters may elect to purchase a meal plan, but are not required to do so and may opt out of their meal plan contract whenever they wish.
  • Students assigned to residence halls who have not selected a meal plan by the end of Registration or by housing check-in will be assigned the 10 meal plan. Students may then change this dining plan if they wish, according to the policies governing meal plan changes.
  • Students with special dietary needs, food allergies and sensitivities, or physician-prescribed diets have the option to enroll in our Special Diet Accommodation program. This program allows students to fulfill their meal plan obligation AND have their meals prepared by our on-site culinary team without a major disruption to their academic schedule and at no additional cost.

Meal Plan Rates: 2023–24 Academic Year

20 Flex/Meal Plan $3,044/semester (includes $150 Flex dollars)
15 Flex/Meal Plan $2,875/semester (includes $150 Flex dollars)
12 Flex/Meal Plan $2,477/semester (includes $150 Flex dollars)
10 Flex/Meal Plan $2,250/semester (includes $150 Flex dollars)
10 Meal Plan $2,129/semester (no Flex dollars)
175 Block Plan: 175 “any time” meals $2,660/semester (includes $150 Flex dollars)
For Apartment Residents and Commuter Students only:
5 Flex/Meal Plan $952/semester (includes $50 Flex dollars)
20 Block Plan: 20 “any time” meals $620/semester (includes $350 Flex dollars)


Meal Plan Dates: 2023–24 Academic Year

For the purposes of Food Service, the Contract Year includes the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer meal plans are contracted separately; see below.

Fall 2023 meal plans begin Thursday, August 24, 2023
Last day to reduce meal plan for residence hall residents Friday, October 13, 2023
Thanksgiving Break — no meals served November 22-26, 2023
Meals resume Sunday dinner, November 26
Holiday Break — no meals served December 16, 2023 — January 3, 2024
Meals resume Thursday breakfast, January 4
Spring 2024 meal plans begin Thursday, January 4, 2024
Spring Break — no meals served Monday, February 26 — Saturday, March 2
Meals resume Sunday breakfast, March 3
Last day of Spring 2023 meal plansSaturday, May 4, 2024
Summer 2024 meal plans beginBreakfast, Sunday, May 5, 2024
Last day of Summer 2024 meal plansWednesday, August 28, 2024


How to select your Fall 2023/Spring 2024 meal plan:

  1. Go to My Housing Self Service.
  2. Choose "Dining" from the menu on top.
  3. Click the button to 'Select/Change my plan'.
  4. Select the academic term you wish to edit. Please note at certain times of the year you can make dining changes to the current term as well as a future term.

Any prorated adjustments due to cancellation or changes of meal plans will be reflected on the student’s account. All questions regarding meal plan changes, meal plan billing, etc. should be addressed to Dining Services: or 562-903-4872

Important Notes:

  • On the 'per-week' [non-'block'] plans, unused meals do not roll over to the next week and are non-refundable.
  • Flex Dollars from Fall Roll-Over to the Spring semester, but do not carry from one academic year to the next. Unused Flex Dollars expire at the end of the academic year, will not be refunded, and cannot be spent or claimed after the final day of Spring semester or after the student leaves the University.
  • Students may upgrade their meal plan at any time, however, the last opportunity to reduce their meal plan for the current semester is Friday, October 13 for Fall 2023 semester and Friday, February 23 for Spring 2024 semester.

For Summer dining options, see Summer Meal Plans.