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Our Leadership Team

Commuter Life Leadership Team

The Commuter Life Leadership Team consists of department staff, commuter advisors, collegium staff and commuter small group leaders. We are passionate about seeing Every Community Connected at Biola to community, resources and information.

Application Process and Deadlines

To learn more about the qualifications for each role and how to apply, click on the “apply here” button below each position. There will be a hyperlink in each form that will direct you to the appropriate job descriptions. Once you fill out the application you will be notified that your form has been received and the day after the applications close you will be notified of the next steps.

Position Type Fall Deadlines

Spring Deadlines

Commuter Advisors No applications in Fall

Applications Open February 1
Applications Close March 1

Collegium Staff

Applications Open October 1
Applications Close November 1

Applications Open March 1
Applications Close April 1

Commuter Small Group Leaders Application Open November 1 
Applications Close Dec 15

Applications Open April 1
Applications Close May 15

Meet our Commuter Life Staff

Staff serve in teams to support commuter connections and programs in the community.

Commuter AdvisorsCommuter Advisors

Commuter Advisors lead teams that serve to connect commuter students to community, resources and information at Biola.

Apply Here

Collegium StaffCollegium Staff

Collegium Staff serve in teams to support connection and community in the Collegium.

Apply Here

Commuter Small Group LeadersCommuter Small Group Leaders

Commuter Small Group Leaders serve to provide a sense of belonging and growth through small groups.

Apply Here