Liberty and the Free Market
London, England


Travel Dates:

Summer 2016


Dr. Tom Copeland,


$2,663 plus airfare


The course is open to college students from any major.


Students earn 3 semester credits in History or Political Science from Biola University.

Make dynamic London your classroom to study the origins of free markets in England

Walk the streets of London and Manchester, England, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and modern capitalism. Study the principles of liberty and the free market, and see firsthand how they were applied in the Industrial Age, and how they are practiced today.

This affordable and unique program is a great way to experience the world's most cosmopolitan city while learning about economics and politics.

  • You'll learn from US and UK-based experts at the Institute of Economic Affairs and the American Enterprise Institute.
  • You'll meet Members of Parliament and venture capitalists to discuss free markets today.
  • You'll engage with social entrepreneurs and ministry leaders in London, and consider faith and work, wealth and justice from a Christian perspective.
  • You'll visit historic Manchester and Telford, Oxford, the Houses of Parliament, the Bank of England, museums of the Industrial Revolution, the grand architecture of the Victorian age, and all the sights of London.

What Students Are Saying:

"Reading about early economic thought, visiting places of historical/industrial significance, and learning about the responses to the Industrial Revolution has been absolutely amazing to my economic understanding. It was only two weeks in London, but I feel like I can say with confidence why we have a free market today and what the Industrial Revolution did for the world."

– Danny P., Seattle Pacific University student – 2014 Participant