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The Biola Financial Planning Association holds weekly meetings for its members as well as some major events like Meet the Money Managers, Investment Hearings, and other beneficial networking events. If you are interested in participating in a current event or partnering with us to create a new one, please contact us at

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Weekly Meetings

Our weekly meetings fall into one of the following categories:


Each month Biola FPA holds a workshop to prepare financial planning students to enter the job field after they graduate. Some of our past workshops have included networking tips and internship search advice, investments, and financial prep for times of crisis. Our goal is to assist financial planning students in their career search, and we aim to provide as many career planning resources as possible. These workshops give students the background they need in order to meet professionals and begin taking important steps on their career journeys.

Bible Studies

Members of the club will also have the opportunity to join Bible studies with other students over the topic of God and money on a monthly basis. During these Bible studies, we dive into understanding more about God and how He calls us to steward the resources that He has given us.

Guest Speakers

We understand that a lot of learning in the financial planning industry comes from experience working with clients. Each month Biola FPA invites guest speakers who have professional experience in the financial planning industry to share about their career journeys and insights they have gained.

BSMIF Meetings

At the end of every month, the Biola Student Investment Fund holds a meeting to evaluate the state of the fund’s investment portfolio and propose alterations to the delegation of the portfolio. Learn more about the BSMIF.

Special Events

Meet the Money Managers

Every March, the Biola FPA puts on the Meet the Money Managers event that connects students with real professionals from different firms both around Southern California and the country. This is the club’s biggest event of the year with multiple firms coming to visit Biola’s campus including some powerhouses in the industry like: Ronald Blue, EP Wealth, Mercer Advisors, Trilogy Financial, and more.

Alumni Networking

Networking is the foundation of success in the financial planning industry. Biola FPA is actively connecting with Biola alumni who are working in the financial planning industry in order to establish a network of professionals. This network will help link those who are in the field with students who are interested in following a similar career path.

CFP Designation Information Session

For many graduating financial planning majors, becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) marks the culmination of an academic career. The requirements for the examination can be difficult to understand. Luckily, Biola Financial Planning Association has partnered with different advisors and resources to help you find the best path to your CFP designation.

Club-to-Club Meetings

Biola FPA desires to partner with other clubs around Biola’s campus to coordinate mutually beneficial meetings explaining the benefits of partnering with a planner and how finances work for different career paths.