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APA Academic Writer: An Introduction

What is Academic Writer?

APA’s official and recommended online platform for:

  • Learning about the research and writing process
  • Formatting and storing references
  • Writing in APA style

Note: Other APA style platforms (such as Purdue OWL) might be outdated in some areas.

Accessing Academic Writer (Free for Biola students)

  1. Go to → → Databases → Search “Academic Writer”
  2. On the top right of the screen, select Welcome → Log in
  3. Log in OR Create Account using your Biola email

Learning Center

  • Quick Guides: Simple and quick lessons on APA Style
  • Tutorials: In-depth demonstrations of APA concepts and rules
  • Details: Lesson descriptions and page numbers for the sections of the APA Style Publication Manual covered in the lessons
  • Samples: Show how APA Style is applied across a variety of writing projects

Reference Center

  • Create: more than a citation machine (include abstracts, take notes, and add quotations)
  • Search: find references through built-in PsycINFO database
  • Manage: store all your sources in one place

Tip: A red exclamation mark (!) will appear next to incorrectly formatted citations.

Writing Center

  • Templates: clear examples for different kinds of writing assignments
  • Citations: can be inserted from “My References” into papers
  • Collaborate: use this function to share and work with other users on papers
  • Checks: automated checks on headings, references, and other stylistic details

Note: For basic formatting guidelines, an additional resource to use is APA Style (

Question & Answer

How many times have you said “I love APA?”

While APA formatting can be hard, not knowing how to format or where to begin is even more frustrating. If you struggle with APA formatting, Academic Writer is the perfect resource for you. You can access this for free as a Biola student by simply going to the Biola library website, clicking on the Databases tab, and searching for “academic writer.” Once you’re on their website, you can make a free account and start accessing the hundreds of helpful APA resources that Academic Writer has to offer.

Do you struggle with the details of APA such as figuring out how to cite random sources?

There's an entire section of the Academic Writer website dedicated to helping you achieve your writing goals! Simply hit the green "Learn" tab on the Academic Writer homepage, and you'll be able to access information and examples about everything from formatting a reference for an Instagram story to writing in a professional tone.

Do you need to see some examples in order to wrap your head around APA’s nuances?

Under the green “Learn” tab, there’s a whole section titled “Samples” that’s full of examples of all aspects of APA such as references, tables, and full papers. Look at these samples as you format your own paper to boost your understanding and confidence.