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The Office of University Marketing is made up of several teams that work closely with each other and offices across campus to support Biola’s wide-ranging marketing needs. Together, these are our main areas of responsibility.

  • Marketing Strategy and Client Services — In service to the Biola University community, our intent is to lead our clients to achieve their goals and objectives by offering strategic counsel and recommendations, developing insight-informed marketing and communication plans, producing our work on time and on budget, measuring all activity, and meeting regularly with our clients to review progress and results achieved. Our aim is to delight our clients with our service, earn and deepen their trust and build long-term partnerships to fulfill the greater vision of the university.
  • Advertising — Our advertising team develops and implements customized, data-driven advertising solutions for every part of the university. We operate in partnership with our clients, ensuring we understand their goals, target audience, and program benefits before designing a media plan. To deliver the best performance, we devote the majority of our resources to proven strategies and test alternative media that show promise. We continuously review campaigns and optimize toward the tactics with the highest return on advertising spend.
  • Creative Services — Our creative services team is responsible for crafting print and digital materials that serve Biola’s marketing and communications needs. As graphic designers, video producers, photographers, web designers and content strategists, we’re responsible for telling Biola’s story across a wide range of media — including such projects as websites, videos, publications and ads. When you initiate a project with us (typically by starting with our marketing strategy and client services team), you can rely on us to create on-brand, strategic, high-quality, cost-effective, timely creative services that meet your objectives. Learn about how we can help you.
  • Direct Marketing — Our direct marketing team partners with departments across campus to ensure marketing and messaging is clear, cohesive and on-brand to prospective students as they consider Biola University. Additionally, we maintain and update existing enrollment marketing collateral (print, email, web, social media, etc.) for all program levels. Our goal is to bring fresh marketing insight and innovation to develop effective strategies that are valuable, personal, relevant and convenient for prospective students and their families.

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