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Submit an Event

The university-wide events calendar is managed by the University Events department, and only Biola University employees are authorized to submit events. Current students must have a Biola employee submit an event for them.

Event Images

All event submissions must include an image that meets the following requirements:

  • Image size must be 600 x 400 pixels
  • High quality (no blurring, pixelation, graininess, etc.)
  • Preferably includes no words in the image
  • Must be a jpeg or png
  • File size can be no larger than 500 KB

For best results in reducing file sizes below 500 KB while maintaining clear, sharp images, use to compress your file.

Begin by ensuring that your image is cropped to the correct dimensions. Then load your image into Squoosh by dragging-and-dropping or clicking the icon of an image with a “+”. You should then see your image displayed in the app. The left side of the window displays the original image and the right side displays a compressed version. The slider in the middle can be used to compare the two.

In the lower right corner, you’ll see settings for adjusting compression, the compressed file size, the percentage reduction in file size and a button to download the compressed image. The compression method should be set to “MozJPEG” (the default). Generally the “quality” setting should be between 75 and 90. The “Advanced settings” don’t need to be changed.

Finally, download the compressed image by clicking on the download icon in the lower right corner.

If you are in need of an image and would like the University Marketing design team to create one for you, complete a consultation request form.

Editing Events

After an event has been submitted, authors can make edits again after it is approved. If there is an urgent error that you do not want to risk being published even briefly, email University Events at and request your event submission be returned to draft. In draft form, you are able to edit your event, save it and re-submit it.

Allow 2 business days for your event to be reviewed.

For specific writing questions, please refer to the Biola Stylebook.

For additional event inquiries, please contact


Use your NetID to access the event management system. Allow 2 business days for posting approval.

All events must be submitted through

Submit an Event