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Creation Care Study Program

Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    15–17 credits
    • Location

      Santa Elena (Belize) or Kaikoura (New Zealand)
    • Semesters Offered

      See Study Abroad Office for updated information.

    • Deadline

      October 13, 2023

      Deadline for Spring 2024 program

    • Minimum GPA


      Required at the time of completing application

    • Application

      We will be opening applications for the Spring 2024 term on September 18. Please fill out the Study Abroad Future Interest Form to be notified about program updates for Fall 2024 and beyond.

      How to Apply

      Interested in applying? Check out the next steps.

      The Creation Care Study Program (CCSP) is a high-caliber academic semester in Belize or New Zealand (and Samoa) that connects Christian faith with the most complex, urgent global issues of the coming decades.

      Program Overview

      Focused on environmental studies, sustainable development and an intentional focus on spiritual formation and Christian community, CCSP offers a robust cross-cultural and interdisciplinary integrated semester of learning and discipleship. CCSP is suitable for all majors, but especially intercultural studies, biology, and sociology majors.

      While studying with CCSP students interact with local communities and discover hands-on the remarkable natural wonders of Belize or New Zealand. Some highlights of CCSP-Belize include excursions to local Mayan ruins, snorkeling the world's second-largest barrier reef and exploration of pristine rain forests.

      The home base for students attending CCSP-South Pacific is nestled on New Zealand’s beautiful south island close to the ocean, but with views of the Southern Alps. The CCSP-South Pacific semester includes an extended field trip to the remote tropical island of Samoa. Both CCSP-Belize and CCSP-South Pacific programs involve homestays with local families and include ample opportunity for independent travel.

      Students who apply to attend the Creation Care Studies Program complete a Biola application for review by Study Abroad. In addition to the Biola Study Abroad application, students must also complete an application with the program provider, Creation Care Studies Program. Students must be accepted by both Biola Study Abroad and the program provider in order to participate in the program.

      2023–24 Program Cost (Before Financial Aid)

      2023–2024 Biola Semester Tuition$23,352
      Program Fees (e.g. Room and Board, Educational Excursions)$5,750
      Non-Refundable Biola Administrative Fee$500
      International Health Insurance (Estimate)$248
      Estimated Program Cost$29,850

      Airfare, travel visa, local transportation, and textbooks are not included in the program cost. Students will live in a shared house/apartment for the semester. Students accepted to participate in the program will be billed the Program Cost as seen above. This cost is before financial aid. For a study abroad financial aid review, please contact The Office of Financial Aid.

      Program Dates

      Fall 2023: August 23—December 7, 2023
      Spring 2024: January 24—May 9, 2024

        Course Equivalencies

        View Creation Care Studies Program Course Equivalencies for each location below.