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Program at a Glance

  • Program Credits

    3-9 (per session) credits
    • Location

      Costa Rica, India, Michigan or Washington State
    • Dates

      Vary by location

      Great Lakes Campus

      • May Session: May 20–June 7, 2019
      • Summer Session I: June10–July 12, 2019
      • Summer Session II: July 15–August 16, 2019

      Pacific Rim Campus

      • Summer Session II: July 15–August 16, 2019

      Costa Rica

      • May Session: May 20–June 7, 2019


      • May Session: May 20–June 7, 2019

    How to Apply

    Interested in applying? Check out the next steps.

    Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies offers over 20 different field-based, university-level courses in environmental studies and environmental science at campuses in Costa Rica, India, Michigan's Great Lakes Region and Washington State on the Puget Sound.

    What Will I Study?

    As a part of the program, students can take courses featuring extensive field learning opportunities that help elucidate concepts and teach hands-on techniques for sustainability, ecosystem management and restoration, conservation, research and health. Courses take place during two summer session terms, and can be applied to your major, minor or core credits. Au Sable attracts students from 60 different Christian colleges and universities around North America, forming Christian community that cares about preserving, restoring and sustaining God’s creation.