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Career Outcomes

On the following pages, we present our most recent information about career and graduate school transitions, as well as internships completed by our graduates when they were students at Biola. The information was collected during a December 2016 survey of our Spring 2016 baccalaureate graduates.

Key observations are as follows:

  • The survey respondents represent 48.8% of the Spring 2016 graduates (291 out of 596).
  • 78.4% were from four schools: the School of Science, Technology and Health (27.5%), School of Fine Arts and Communication (21.3%), Crowell School of Business (15.5%), and the School of Humanities and Social Science (14.1%). 57% were white, and 65% were female.
  • 82.7% were employed (full-time or part-time) or in graduate school six months after graduation, compared to 91.3% of 2015 graduates.
  • 70.4% were primarily employed in full-time equivalent work (30 or more hours per week) or continuing their education.
  • Graduates from the School of Science, Technology and Health earned the highest full-time median salaries ($60K), followed by graduates from the Crowell School of Business ($41K).
  • Overall, students responded positively about how Biola prepared them for careers (83%), graduate school (84%), and intellectual (96%) and spiritual (95%) growth.
* The NACE First Destination Survey provides benchmarking data for alumni six months after graduating.