Career Outcomes

On the following pages, we present our most recent information about career and graduate school transitions, as well as internships completed by our graduates when they were students at Biola. The information was collected during a December 2014 survey of our Spring 2014 baccalaureate graduates.

Key observations are as follows:

  • 89% are working paid jobs or enrolled in graduate school—a 4-point gain over last year’s 85% figure.
  • 65% report a full-time outcome of employment or graduate school—a 10-point gain over last year’s 55% figure. Fine Arts and Communications majors and Psychology majors reported the largest year-over-year gains of 15 points and 14 points respectively.
  • Business majors, Psychology majors, and Math and Science majors rank highest at 73% in attaining either full-time employment or full-time graduate school enrollment.
  • Education majors rank highest at 42% in attaining full-time graduate school enrollment.
  • Math and science majors report the highest average salary within 6 months to 5 years of graduation ($48,622), and business majors report the second highest ($46,845). Both are 6% above the national averages ($45,773 and $44,263, respectively).
  • 89% complete a substantive work experience (i.e., internship) during their time at Biola.
  • Intercultural Studies majors and Fine Arts and Communications majors reported the highest internship participation rate at 100% and 97% respectively.
  • Education majors and Fine Arts and Communication majors reported the highest paid internship participation rate at 75% and 74% respectively.
  • Survey response rate for baccalaureate graduates 6-months out was 44%, or 263 graduates.