Alumni Success | Voice

B.M. Performance (Voice) '12

Biola not only helped me progress musically, but also helped me keep the importance of love and family in perspective. All of the professors truly cared about our spiritual growth as well as growth in our particular fields. Dr. Lock was my teacher and mentor and I will never forget the things he did for me at Biola. As I emerge as a professional artist I will always be mindful and thankful of the spiritual growth and love that I received in my time at Biola. ’

B.M. Performance (Voice) '04

My time at Biola prepared me musically and professionally for a teaching and performing career. I am so thankful for the unique learning and performance opportunities. In particular, I am grateful for the wisdom, mentorship, and inspired teaching of Dr. Jeanne Robinson, Dr. William Lock, and Marlin Owen. ’

International Opera Singer, Soprano
B.M. Performance (Voice) '04

Biola gave me incredible opportunities to perform lead solo roles while I was a student, something that became a huge advantage to me when I went on to study in London. I also had close working relationships with all the members of the staff and production team and first-hand (sometimes hands-on!) knowledge of all the elements of being a part of a wonderful show. Biola helped me begin to build a strong foundation of teamwork, respect, professionalism and the sheer joy of bringing music alive on-stage.’

Associate Professor of Music
B.M. Performance (Voice and Piano) '99

Many thanks to God, all my teachers, and the devoted secretaries that have made it possible to have gone this far. I look forward to carrying Biola's name forward as long as I can. ’