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About the Conservatory of Music

Experience the Extraordinary

Experience the extraordinary in Biola’s Conservatory of Music, where your passion for the performing arts will soar to new heights alongside a community of motivated peers and esteemed faculty. As you step into our world-class program, be prepared to immerse yourself in a dynamic and transformative learning environment.

At the Conservatory, we believe in the power of innovation and the pursuit of artistic excellence. Our students are fearless visionaries, constantly pushing the boundaries and discovering fresh ways to express their passions. Picture yourself collaborating with fellow musicians and performers in renowned recording studios throughout Los Angeles, or spearheading a captivating theatrical production that enthralls audiences right here on our vibrant campus.

Your education at the Conservatory goes beyond honing your skills and expanding your knowledge. We are committed to nurturing your spiritual growth, allowing you to develop not only as an artist but also as a person of deep faith and purpose. Our dedicated faculty and accomplished studio artists will walk alongside you, guiding and inspiring you every step of the way on your transformative Biola journey.

Discover what sets us apart, the driving force behind our department’s unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Dive into the vibrant energy that fuels our community and get acquainted with the brilliant minds who will ignite your creativity and help you uncover your true potential. Your future career in the performing arts starts here, at the Conservatory of Music at Biola University.

Meet Our Faculty, Staff and Studio Artists

Your time at the Conservatory of Music will be guided by our incredible faculty, staff and studio artists. These individuals are experts in their respective areas and will provide you with thoughtful mentorship and masterful teaching.

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Mission, History and Accreditation

Learn more about the mission of the Conservatory of Music, and find more details on our history and accreditation.

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