Reconciliation Resources


Biblical Foundations

-All God’s Children: A Biblical Critique of Racism by Steven McKenzie (1997)
-Coming Together in the 21st Century: The Bible's Message in an Age of Diversity by Curtiss Paul DeYoung (2009)
-Dynamic Diversity: Bridging Class, Age, Race and Gender in the Church by Bruce Milne (2007)
-From Every People and Nation: A Biblical Theology of Race by J. Daniel Hays (2003)
-The Gospel in Black and White: Theological Resources for Racial Reconciliation by Dennis L. Okholm (1997)

Blended Ethnic Heritage/Multiracial Identity

-Check All That Apply: Finding Wholeness as a Multiracial Person by Sundee Tucker Frazier (2001)

Educating for Diversity

-Affirming Diversity: The Sociopolitical Context of Multicultural Education by Sonia Nieto and Patty Bode (2011)
-Educating Citizens in a Multi-Cultural Society by James A. Banks (2007)
-Multicultural Education: Transformative Knowledge and Action: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives by James A. Banks (1996)
-Promoting Diversity & Social Justice: Educating People from Privileged Groups by Diane J. Goodman (2011)
-Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (2nd ed) by Maurianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, and Pat Griffin (2007)

Ethnic Identity Development

-Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice by Derald Wing Sue and David Sue (2012)
-Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents by Jeanette Yep (1998)
-New Perspectives on Racial Identity Development: A Theoretical and Practical Anthology by Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe and Bailey W. Jackson (2001)
-Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?: And Other Conversations about Race By Beverley Daniel Tatum (2003)


-Against All Odds: The Struggle for Racial Integration in Religious Organizations by Brad Christerson, Michael O. Emerson, Korie L. Edwards
-A Cross-Shaped Gospel: Reconciling Heaven and Earth by Bryan Loritts (2011)
-Divided By Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in America by Michael O. Emerson and Christian Smith (2001)
-Evangelical Does Not Equal Republican or Democrat by Lisa Sharon Harper (2008)
-Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman (1996)
-A Many Colored Kingdom: Multicultural Dynamics for Spiritual Formation by Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, S. Steve Kang and Gary A. Parrett (2004)
-The New Evangelicalism: Freeing the Church from Western Cultural Captivity by Soong-Chan Rah (2009)
-United By Faith: The Multiracial Congregation as an Answer to the Problem of Race by Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Michael O. Emerson, George Yancey, and Karen Chai Kim (2004)


-Welcoming the Stranger: Justice, Compassion and Truth in the Immigration Debate by Matthew Soerens, Jenny Hwang and Leith Anderson (2009)


-Good News & Good Works: A Theology for the Whole Gospel by Ronald J. Sider (1999)
-Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Moving from Affluence to Generosity by Ronald J. Sider (2005)
-Generous Justice: How God's Grace Makes Us Just by Tim Keller (2012)
-Jesus & Justice: Evangelicals, Race, and American Politics by Peter Goodwin Heltzel (2009)
-The Good News About Injustice: A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World by Gary Haugen (2009)

The Kingdom

-The Upside-Down Kingdom by Donald B. Kraybill (2011)
-Kingdom Ethics: Following Jesus in Contemporary Context by Glen H. Stassen & David P. Gushee (2003)
-The Secret Message of Jesus: Uncovering the Truth that Could Change Everything by Brian D. McLaren (2007)
-The Gospel of the Kingdom: Scriptural Studies in the Kingdom of God by George Eldon Ladd (1990)

Power & Privilege

-Affirmative Action: Racial Preference in Black and White (Education, Politics, Culture) by Tim Wise (2005) -Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slaveryby Na'Im Akbar (1996)
-Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery by Na’Im Akbar (1984)
-Dismantling Racism by Joseph Barndt (1991)
-Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation by Derald Wing Sue (2003)
-Privilege, Power & Difference by Allan G. Johnson (2005)
-Promoting Diversity and Social Justice: Educating People from Privileged Groups by Diane J. Goodman (2011)
-Speaking Treason Fluently: Anti-Racist Reflections From an Angry White Male by Time Wise (2008) -Understanding and Dismantling Racism: The Twenty-First Century Challenge to a White America by Joseph Barndt (2007)
-Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel (2011)
-White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son by Tim Wise (2011)


-Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual Responsibility by George Yancey (2006)
-Breaking Down Barriers: A Black Evangelical Explains the Black Church by Dwight Perry (1998)
-The Church Enslaved: A Spirituality of Racial Reconciliation by Tony Campolo and Michael Battle
-A Credible Witness: Reflections on Power, Evangelism and Race by Brenda Salter-McNeil and Tony Campolo (2008)
-The Heart of Racial Justice: How Soul Change Leads to Social Change by Brenda Salter-McNeil, Rick Richardson and John. M. Perkins (2009)
-More Than Equals: Racial Healing for the Sake of the Gospel by Spencer Perkins & Chris Rice (2000)
-Reconciliation: Our Greatest Challenge - Our Only Hope by Curtiss Paul DeYoung (1997)
-Reconciliation: The Ubuntu Theology of Desmond Tutu by Michael J. Battle and Desmond Tutu (2009)
-Winning the Race to Unity: Is Racial Reconciliation Really Working? By Clarence Shuler (1998)


-Being White: Finding Our Place in a Multi-Ethnic World by Doug Schaupp and Paula Harris (2004)
-White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son by Tim Wise (2011)
-White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack (article) by Peggy McIntosh (1998)


These magazines are available in the Mosaic Cultural Center.

Christians for Biblical Equality
PRISM - Evangelicals for Social Action

Book Reviews

Being White: Finding Our Place in a Multi-Ethnic World
"Paula Harris and Doug Schaupp have given the Body of Christ a gift… an invitation to join them in a lifelong journey of learning and spiritual growth."

Welcoming the Stranger
"Calling on the church to live up to her commitment to justice, compassion and truth, this book provides practical, positive steps to disciple the church as she responds to immigration and immigrants."



Please note: Not all of these resources are from a Christian perspective but are included as they may be beneficial in understanding diversity, racial reconciliation, and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Watch Biola MEPD chapel messages here!

Multi-Ethnic Film Productions

MEFP began as an earnest desire by Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development Director Glen Kinoshita to document the student experience. Glen’s films have grown into a visionary endeavor to stimulate thought, dialogue and change within Christian higher education.

Glen Kinoshita's Vimeo Account

Experience spoken word from Poetry Lounge, student reflections on diversity in chapel, clips of SCORR speakers and events, and trailers of Glen's films.

California Newsreel

California Newsreel produces and distributes cutting edge, social justice films that inspire, educate and engage audiences.

The Danger of a Single Story

Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice -- and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.

InterVarsity Film Resources

A spreadsheet of movies and videos that can be used to spark discussion on topics related to race and ethnicity.

The Work of the People

The Work Of the People is a community of artists who create visual media for the church to re-orient God's people around Jesus' good news and mission to make all things new.

World Trust

World Trust works to eliminate racial injustice through transformational education. World Trust produces programs and seminars based on our films that open minds and hearts. We use the powerful combination of film, dialogue and transformative learning to create new understandings.

A Girl Like Me

A Girl Like Me is a short documentary that examines "the standards of beauty imposed on today’s black girls and how this affects their self-image".


Essays & Articles

Please note: Not all of these resources are from a Christian perspective but are included as they may be beneficial in understanding diversity, racial reconciliation, and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Building a House for Diversity: The Giraffe & Elephant
"In a small suburban community just outside the city of Artiodact, a giraffe had a new home built to his family's specifications." [PDF]

Creative Wisdom: Sitting at the Feet of Our Students
"As Student Affairs professionals, we often wear many hats. In the midst of our roles of doing administration, instruction and service, we are also learners. You could say we are students in the midst of students." [PDF]

On Earth as it is in Heaven
"Despite the values we profess as Christians with respect to equality and justice, the church remains arguably the most segregated body in contemporary American society." [PDF]

If You Only Knew What Would Bring Peace
Terry McGonigal, Dean of Spiritual Life at Whitworth University, unpacks shalom theology as the biblical foundation for diversity. [PDF]

Got Mail?: Diversity Dialogues Across the Digital Divide
The following exchange took place as preparations were underway for the workshop and conference. Todd Anderson, a White male student, was the presenter…he asked his friends, who were students of color, what they would suggest to White students as they engage in the process of reconciliation, and the issue of white privilege. Ilayna Wright, an African-American student, wrote the response to Todd’s email.

My Black Identity: A Multi-Ethnic Journey
"Culture shock. That’s what I experienced as a freshman at a rural, mostly white university. In my classes, I was often the only minority — a drastic contrast to my diverse, urban upbringing and tight-knit community at home. I felt alone, my identity and self-esteem under attack."

My White Identity: A Multi-Ethnic Journey
"Culture shock. That’s what I experienced as a freshman at an urban, diverse university. Suddenly I was surrounded by different ethnicities and cultures — a drastic contrast to my small-town, white upbringing. It was unfamiliar and uncomfortable, and I reacted in fear, alienation, and apathy."

Recovering Reconciliation as the Mission of God: Ten Theses
"Reconciliation is God’s gift to the world. Healing of the world’s deep brokenness does not begin with us and our action, but with God and God’s gift of new creation." [PDF]

Santa, Jesus, and the Symbolism of White Supremacy
"My wife and I have received many a Christmas card this season, and as always, the representations of Jesus that adorn so many of them cast the Christian Messiah as nothing if not European. Now I know my gentile friends have that song, "A Child is Born in Bethlehem," but I never realized until now that they had meant Bethlehem, Pennsylvania."

A Time to Dream
"We soon landed on a familiar question: 'What would an institution that is genuinely dedicated to diversity really look like?' I have heard this question many times through the years as we tackle these issues, but it is almost always left hanging, unanswered."

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
"My schooling gave me no training in seeing myself as an oppressor, as an unfairly advantaged person, or as a participant in a damaged culture. I was taught to see myself as an individual whose moral state depended on her individual moral will."



Please note: Not all of these resources are from a Christian perspective but are included as they may be beneficial in understanding diversity, racial reconciliation, and inter-ethnic dialogue.

A Conversation: David Benavides
"I am a second generation Mexican-American. Both of my parents come from Mexico but met in Los Angeles. I am from East Los Angeles and the fourth of seven kids."

Diversity in Higher Education: Will Kratt
"There was an emphasis on being one in Christ that I heard often among respondents at both Evangelical institutions. However, there seemed to be a lack of willingness to address some of the obstacles that hinder being one in Christ, such as the serious inequities in our society."

Bringing it Home: Bryan Loritts
"...We all bear the burden of reaching out and engaging with people who are different than us. It is a shame that the world is doing this better than we are. I have the personal responsibility to relate to someone who is different than I am.”

The Ministry of Reconciliation: Brenda Salter-McNeil
"I asked myself, 'Where are those students like me on this campus who love God but are not coming to chapel? Why can’t these groups come together? What can we do to bridge this gap so we can grow from one another?'”

Our Place at the Table: Doug Schaupp
"If you have White people with no sense of their culture it is going to limit how far they can go in reconciliation because they feel inadequate. Part of the reason we haven’t advanced is we haven’t endorsed White identity as part of the racial reconciliation journey."


Speakers & Authors

Please note: Not all of these resources are from a Christian perspective but are included as they may be beneficial in understanding diversity, racial reconciliation, and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Ray Bakke
Ray Bakke is world renowned as a minister and educator who has devoted his life to helping the church love the cities as God loves them. Bakke is author of several books and founded International Urban Associates (IUA) in 1989. Currently Bakke is the chancellor for global urban ministry at Bakke Graduate University of Ministry.

David P. Gushee
Rev. Dr. David P. Gushee, a Christian scholar, author, teacher, activist, and churchman, serves as Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University.

Daniel White Hodge
Daniel White Hodge, PhD, is a Hip Hop scholar who focuses on race relations, film, cultural trends, and spirituality. He is a lecturer at Cal State Los Angeles and Citris College and has authored two books.

Soong-Chan Rah
Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah is a professor at North Park Theological Seminary, author, and founder and former Senior Pastor of the Cambridge Community Fellowship Church (CCFC), a multi-ethnic, urban ministry-focused church committed to living out the values of racial reconciliation and social justice in the urban context.

Brenda Salter-McNeil
Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil is the president and founder of Salter McNeil & Associates. She is a renowned speaker, author and thought-leader in the field of racial, ethnic and gender reconciliation.

Tim Wise

Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and educators in the United States, and has been called, “One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation."



Please note: Not all of these resources are from a Christian perspective but are included as they may be beneficial in understanding diversity, racial reconciliation, and inter-ethnic dialogue.

Christian Community Development Association [CCDA]
The mission of CCDA is to inspire, train, and connect Christians who seek to bear witness to the Kingdom of God by reclaiming and restoring under-resourced communities.

Colorlines: News for Action
Colorlines is a daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis.

Crossroads Antiracism Organizing and Training
Crossroads provides antiracism organizing, training and consultation to institutions working to dismantle systemic racism. We offer a power analysis that identifies barriers to authentic multicultural diversity, and create antiracist / anti-oppressive policies and practices.

EdChange is a team of passionate, experienced, established, educators dedicated to equity, diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. We offer a variety of projects and resources, workshops and consulting services, and scholarship grounded in equity and social justice in schools and communities.

Evangelicals for Social Action
Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) is an association of Christians seeking to promote Christian engagement, analysis and understanding of major social, cultural and public policy issues.

Guide for Undocumented Students
• Explanation of legal rights, including the DREAM Act and DACA
• How to find and apply for colleges
• Financial aid for undocumented students

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
InterVarsity is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.

At KidWorks, our mission is to restore at-risk neighborhoods one life at a time. We improve the quality of life, education, and self-sustainability prospects for children and youth from 4-26 years old living in central Santa Ana by providing parent-supported education, character, and leadership development programs.

Race Forward: The Center for Racial Justice Innovation
Race Forward advances racial justice through research, media and practice. Race Forward's mission is to build awareness, solutions and leadership for racial justice by generating transformative ideas, information and experiences.

The RACE Project
Looking through the eyes of history, science and lived experience, the RACE Project explains differences among people and reveals the reality – and unreality – of race. RACE is a project of the American Anthropological Association.

ReNew Partnerships
We are a Christian non-profit organization that provides Bible-based resources and training to help Christians overcome the ethnic divisions that greatly hinder the church. We help leaders to effectively reach out to the ethnic diversity in their community and build and sustain biblical, multi-ethnic community.

Servant Partners
Servant Partners sends, equips, and trains those who want to share their lives with the urban poor and see urban slums transformed.

Our mission is to articulate the biblical call to social justice, inspiring hope and building a movement to transform individuals, communities, the church, and the world.

Speak Out!
SpeakOut helps the thinkers, writers, speakers and artists of our day inspire youth to raise our consciousness and transform a fractured world.

Teaching for Change
Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into centers of justice where students learn to read, write and change the world.

Urban Youth Workers Institute
UYWI exists to strengthen a new generation of global urban leaders for transformational ministry.


We carry a hope and a vision that the possibility exists to experience a better life in our broken world. We seek to live and walk among all people in a good way by following the ways of Jesus-- affirming, respecting and embracing the God-given cultural realities of Native American and Indigenous people, not rejecting or demonizing their cultural ways.