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Happy Birthday Biola!

I Heart Biola Week

Cost and Admission

This event is free to attend.

Celebrate Biola’s 116th Birthday with us from February 17–24, 2024. Biola is hosting our annual “I Heart Biola Week” — a celebratory week of school pride to commemorate Biola’s legacy.

Alumni, on Saturday, February 17, we invite you to bring your friends and family to a day filled with special events, including a journey through history during a one-of-a-kind Art and Architecture Tour celebrating Biola's rich legacy, an exciting tailgate experience, tickets to the Biola vs. APU games, raffles and of course, plenty of fun. Register for I Heart Biola - Alumni Day 2024 and see the schedule of events tab for more information! REGISTRATION OPENS ON 1/18/24.

Students, join us on campus for various events, virtual challenges and giveaways to celebrate with us and show your Biola pride. See the schedule of events tab!


Contact University Events at:

Schedule of Events

Join us on campus, online or from wherever you’re located! All events are free for students and alumni, unless otherwise noted.

Date Time Event & Description Location
Saturday, 2/17 3:30–6:30 p.m.
Alumni Info and T-Shirt Sale Booth

Check in for Alumni Day, pick up your pre-purchased meal and game tickets, grab some swag, and purchase a brand new design of our Biolans for Life t-shirts — for only $10!

Under the Tent by Fluor Fountain
Saturday, 2/17 3:30–4:30 p.m.
Art and Architecture Tour
Experience a one-of-a-kind campus tour to dive deep into the miracle stories and symbolism behind beloved buildings and art pieces that highlight God’s provision and blessing over Biola. No registration is required.
Tour will start at Fluor Fountain
Saturday, 2/17 4:30–6:30 p.m.
Tailgating Meal Box Pick-Up
Enjoy a delicious Chick fil-A meal box, drinks and for dessert — an ice cream bar! Mingle, connect and celebrate with other fellow alumni a sense of alma mater pride over Biola’s rich legacy and tradition. Registration is required.
Under the Tent by Fluor Fountain
Saturday, 2/17 5:30 p.m.
Women’s Basketball: Biola v. APU
Join fellow alumni and the Biola community to cheer on the Eagles as they take on the Cougars! We will have half-time surprises you don’t want to miss!
Chase Gymnasium
Saturday, 2/17 7:30 p.m.
Men’s Basketball: Biola v. APU
The fun continues! Join fellow alumni and the Biola community to cheer on the Eagles as they take on the Cougars! We will have half-time surprises you don’t want to miss!
Chase Gymnasium
Monday–Friday (2/19–23) All Week
Student Spirit Week: Tweet Hunt

Dive into Biola’s history and legacy with a social media scavenger hunt for chances to win prizes. Details coming soon!

Biola University
Monday, 2/19 10 a.m.–2 p.m.
"Why I Heart Biola"
Showcase the reasons you love Biola during Biola’s Preview Day. Write a message on a paper heart to be displayed at the fountain for future Biolans to see! PLUS, grab some free goodies and giveaways* to showcase your Biola pride.
Fireplace Pavilion
Monday, 2/19 10:15 a.m.
Celebrate Biola's 116th Birthday
Join us for cupcakes, iced coffee, photos and more as we celebrate Biola's birthday!
Chase Gymnasium
Tuesday, 2/20 All Day
Biola University Giving Day
Participate in our 2nd Annual Biola Giving Day to learn about Biola's legacy of generosity, and Make A Way for students — now and in the future through the Biola Fund.
Fireplace Pavilion
Wednesday, 2/21 10 a.m.–5 p.m. "Biola Can!" Food Drive Donation & Dream Center Serve Day
The Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development Office (SEID) is partnering with Biola Shares and SMU to create lasting change and make a positive impact for Christ on Biola’s campus and in Los Angeles! Learn more and register for either volunteer opportunities.
Bell Tower and the Green Art Gallery
Friday, 2/23 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Baseball: Biola v. Westmont
Wear RED and enjoy some sunshine as the Eagles take on the Warriors. You can watch in person or via livestream, and snag some "I Heart Biola" gear.
Eagles Diamond
Saturday, 2/24 5:30 p.m.
Women's Basketball: Biola v. Hawaii Pacific
It’s Senior Night! Come support your fellow Eagles in person or via livestream, as the seniors compete in their last game in Chase Gymnasium.
Chase Gymnasium
Saturday, 2/24 7:30 p.m.
Men's Basketball: Biola v. Hawaii Pacific
It’s Senior Night! Come support your fellow Eagles in person or via livestream, as the seniors compete in their last game in Chase Gymnasium.
Chase Gymnasium

Alumni Day (Saturday, 2/17)

Please register for I Heart Biola – Alumni Day 2024 (registration will open on 1/18). Your $10 registration fee includes the following below. Note: Children under 5 years old are free.

Register for Alumni Day 2024

Time Event & Description Location
3:30–6:30 p.m.
Alumni Info and T-Shirt Sale Booth
Check in for Alumni Day, pick up your pre-purchased meal and game tickets, grab some swag, and purchase a brand new design of our Biolans for Life t-shirts — for only $10!
Fluor Fountain
3:30–4:30 p.m.
Art and Architecture Tour
Experience a one-of-a-kind campus tour to dive deep into the miracle stories and symbolism behind beloved buildings and art pieces that highlight God’s provision and blessing over Biola. No registration is required.
Tour will start at Fluor Fountain
4:30–6:30 p.m.
Tailgate Boxed Meal Pick-Up
Enjoy a delicious Chick fil-A boxed meal, drinks, and for dessert, an ice cream bar! Mingle, connect and celebrate with other fellow alumni a sense of alma mater pride over Biola’s rich legacy and tradition.
Under the Tent by Fluor Fountain
5:30 p.m.
Women’s Basketball: Biola v. APU
Be a proud Eagle and cheer for our teams as they host the Cougars! These are must-see games that kick off a week of I Heart Biola celebration. We have surprises in store for the halftime of both games! Tickets are free, but registration is required for everyone except for children 12 and under.
Chase Gymnasium
7:30 p.m.
Men’s Basketball: Biola v. APU
Be a proud Eagle and cheer for our teams as they host the Cougars! These are must-see games that kick off a week of I Heart Biola celebration. We have surprises in store for the halftime of both games! Tickets are free, but registration is required for everyone except for children 12 and under.
Chase Gymnasium

Want to help welcome alumni from your decade? We would love to have a few volunteers to represent their decade as greeters on this special Alumni Day. If this sounds exciting to you, we’d love to have you! Let us know if you would like to help by sending a message to


As a part of I Heart Biola week, join us as we come together on Biola Giving Day in support of our students, helping make their premier education more affordable.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference and helps unlock significant support for Biola and our students. Generous donors are challenging Biolans to show their support, with the opportunity to unlock more than $135,000 for the Biola Fund. Several generous donors will be matching your donations dollar-for-dollar! No matter the amount, your gift makes a big difference!

You may also donate online at or at the Fireside Pavilion and enjoy the photobooth! We will also have Biola Shares food donation collection boxes at both locations.

Alumni Memories

Share your most loved memory with us to be added to a virtual timeline of Biola’s history!


History of Biola Timeline


The Bible Institute of Los Angeles is founded, and Lyman Stewart is appointed president of the board


Biola Bible College established within the institution to offer accredited bachelor's degrees


“Meeting my husband, Garland Shinn, a special student taking a year of Bible after his college graduation. Also loved Bible classes from Dr. McGee who made me love God's Word!”

Roberta Kline Shinn ‘56


“Chatting one Friday evening with the writer of The Old Rugged Cross and his wife. They were staying at the hotel.”

Ron Green ‘55

“Perhaps my most memorable recollection is of sitting beside my dorm window on the 13th (top) floor of Lyman Stewart Hall, during a rocking', rollin' earthquake! That building really moved!”

Beth Storey ‘58


“My fondest memory is the wonderful, wise and compassionate teachers who took such personal interest in all students.”

Lois Pickle Cowles ‘56


Groundbreaking ceremonies held for new La Mirada campus


“I was a part of the Biola Chorale my first year and we not only sang in local places but went on tour up through Colorado. The experiences of service and friendship building were crucial to my growth and maturity.”

Fred Jantz ‘65


“Walking down the street in front of Sutherland Hall to the Missions building with Dr. Louis T. Talbot”

Gene Crouch ‘67 & Jan (JD David) Crouch ‘75

“I remember fondly my time at Biola and my most loved memory is actually as an alumnus. Four years after graduation in the summer of 1968 I had the opportunity to be in the cast of Revolt At The Portals, an evangelistic play scheduled to tour various countries in Asia. The project was under the leadership of Clyde Cook who was at that time, an Assistant Professor of Missions at Biola. Besides being a cast member, I also served as assistant chaperone for the group of students that made up the rest of the cast.. We had many Spirit-led experiences during the two-month trip to Asia and saw many people make a decision for Christ. We were grateful to God for safe passage, good health and for the opportunity to serve Him with our talents.”

Robert Eitzen ‘63


“I loved being on the 13th floor of the downtown campus. Even getting up early to catch the early bus for classes wasn’t bad. Mrs Carr was the best dorm Mom. I also loved Mr. kurtaneks Greek classes.”

Dorothy “Dotty” Munroe Leal ‘67


“I loved the Biola outreach into the Los Angeles Watts area. Hundreds of decisions for Christ.”

Dave Beckwith ‘70


“About five years after I graduated from Biola, I was invited to join a drama team that was being formed to go to Asia to present a dramatic presentation of "Revolt at the Portals." Clyde Cook was our organizer and leader and we visited seven countries and presented the play over 100 times in a little less than two months. The play takes place soon after the death of eight different people. Before them are two doors, one leading to heaven and the other to hell. The play has a very powerful ending, and many people came to know Christ as a result. This was a wonderful and exciting way for our whole team to present the Gospel of Salvation!”

Robert Eitzen ‘63


“I met my husband, Larry, in Dr Clyde Cook’s class on the Book of Acts. We saw each other the very first day of class and within the month we were dating. God has been so good to us and we just celebrated 52 years of marriage.”

Edie Tierney ‘72

“My time at Biola grounded me in the Word and personal healing in my life.”

Alumnus ‘70


“Dr. Harry Sturze was my Greek professor. I had a visiting guy from off-campus who wanted to meet with me in the parking lot. Unbeknownst to Dr. Sturze, this fellow had harassed me multiple times in the past, and Dr. Sturze came over to check out the situation. He was very gracious to the fellow, and I felt protected by his fatherly concern.”

Carol Epperly Brown ‘72


Institution renamed Biola College


“One of my treasured memories of Biola was participating in the first Biola Abroad trip. Dr. Reinhard Buss led 16 gals and 8 guys on a study abroad trip to Zwingenberg, West Germany. God taught us a lot and a few even bonded for life.”

Timothy McLain ‘76


“Fellowship with other like minded believers was always my favorite thing about Biola, but my most memorable shared moments were being out on a sailboat on the ocean! I don't know if there is still a Sailing Club on campus, but back in '72 or '73 Steve Reynolds started the club and I was elected the first Captain of the club. We all had a great time with weekend sails to Catalina Island or just sailing up and down the coast on warm sunny days while sharing in God's glory and often raising our voices across the water in a song of praise as we watched the whales and dolphins follow us through the waves.”

Margie Rouge ‘74


“Learning the Attributes of God in Dr. Gordon Kirk’s “God, Christ and the Holy Spirit” class! He wanted us to learn for life. I still remember them all. My other loved memory is being in BIOLA chorale under Loren Wiebe! Fantastic years!”

Susan (Ahlstrom) Griffith ‘78


“Being invited to remain to the present as a Biola faculty member.”

Ron Pierce ‘75, ‘77

“ I loved my Old Testament and New Testament Survey classes! It was such a blessing to attend a Christian College and have caring professors.”

Anna Wong ‘80


“My most beloved memory was meeting my roommates in my freshman year [...] because 40 plus years later we are still in touch. Biola grounded us in our faith and in Christian friendships that continue to encourage and support today. Biola made that happen, and I am grateful!!”

Reginald Avant ‘83

“I met my husband John at Biola”

Margie Lybarger ‘79, ‘84


“I loved dorm life, studying and laughing with friends, searching for whoever was popping popcorn, and looking forward to evenings when guys would be allowed on the girls’ floor (all doors open, of course).”

Sharon Norris Elliott ‘80


“It was the Spring of 1979, and Bruce Wilkinson was a featured speaker in Chapel. [...] He challenged all of us to have the faith life of Abraham. I had been a Christian since I was a child, but it was at that chapel that I made my adult decision to follow Jesus Christ for life.”

Colleen (Sombrio) Brown ‘81


“I am a musician and I was asked if I wanted to be part of the chapel for the day. I had a great time playing, singing, and sharing part of my testimony. The Biolans joined me in praise and it was glorious!”

Dicky Laner ‘81


“Missions conference 1981, when I started dating a Talbot student who is my husband now of 40 years!”

Colleen (Sombrio) Brown ‘81

“I earned a master's degree from Biola and also was able to take some classes at Talbot Seminary. Such a wonderful privilege and I have used this knowledge and learning my whole life.”

Dicky Laner ‘81


Dr. Clyde Cook is inaugurated as seventh president


“Dr. Ann Gewe my Senior year. Was an awesome awesome clinical instructor!”

Margie Lybarger ‘84


“Winning the 1984-85 ncaa championship in basketball”

Jesse Burns ‘86

“Walking by myself back to my dorm room in Hart Hall, I met a cute young man who was also walking back from the cafe to his Stewart dorm room. We began to talk and a couple days later he asked me out on a date. That first date resulted in many more dates and eventually a wedding. We have now been married almost 32 years and have six children.”

Marne Bourgeois ‘89


“My favorite has always been living on campus in Sigma Chi,Alpha Chi,Heart Hall (During the summer months) and Zeta Chi when it existed. I hung out with many students. Both undergraduate and graduate students.”

Jocelyn Brunson ‘88


“​​Sitting under the newly constructed bell tower with my sister, Carrie, and seeing Alan Hultberg walk up. Knowing he was a great guy, I thought he'd be perfect for my sister! My attempt to set them up failed when he asked ME out. We're happily married for over 32 years - and Carrie found a winner as well, Rob Carey!!”

Darcie Hultberg ‘90


“My professors were amazing and made me feel like I was not only important, but valuable in the Kingdom of God. Each class gave me tools and lessons I needed for my ministry that still exists as of today.”

Steve Sewell, ‘91


“When I was on the Forensics Team!”

Erick Roebuck ‘94

“It was awesome working alongside Scott Derrickson on his student film Out of Black and White.”

Kirk Siemsen ‘90


“Meeting weekly with members of our newly formed Inter-Club Coalition (ICC) under the advisement of Glen Kinoshita with leadership representation from Brothers and Sisters in Christ (BASIC), Evangelicals for Social Action, Biola Korean Student Association, Hispanic Fellowship, Mu Kappa, and Maharlika. The Coalition was committed to love, reconciliation, repentance and the learning process involved in overcoming the barriers of racism.”

Dawn Noelle Smith Beutler ‘92


“I have wonderful memories of working under Kathy Munoz in Admissions[...]. I will [also] never forget being in Roger Feldman’s graphic arts classes. He would chew gum while he gleefully advanced his PowerPoint presentations. [...] I also LOVED being able to room with my twin sister, Riva, for my 2 years of living on campus in Alpha. Biola was an amazing experience and I made lasting friendships that are still special today. I also met my husband, Bryan, there and we are happily married 23 years later.”

Cara Hill ‘98


“I loved the annual "12 Days of Christmas" chapel...Dr. Cook and Anna Belle were the best turtle doves!”

Amy Vivona ‘96


“Swallowing a live goldfish after playing a game of Truth or Dare at a Rosemead staff/student event.”

Joni Renbarger ‘04


“My most beloved memory at Biola was the friendships that were cultivated during my term at Biola. My student group would take turns bringing dinner every week. We also took a trip to San Diego and watched Les Miserables, that was very memorable and we had a great time. Scott, my husband, was able to join me as well at this event. Great memories as a student at Biola.”

Susie Aubin ‘99

“I loved the Rose of Sharon Prayer Chapel retreat, Prayer/fellowship, and chapel times.”

Joanne Harper ‘99


“I enjoyed field trips with Dr. Alexander In the intercultural studies department. They were unforgettable.”

Abigail Farag ‘01


“I would spend at least an hour, each visit, at the bookstore, reviewing textbooks and looking for memorabilia to add to my office decorum.”

Harold T. Johnson II ‘02

“Talbot classes with Dr. Mick.”

Chacko Varghese ‘08


“The community and the friends I made at Biola; especially spending time together at chapel and in the cafe. Seeing Clyde Cook and his wife in the cafe, having them join us for dinner and then watching Clyde Cook dance in the mail room for a video shown at chapel.”

Jennifer Holm (Burke) ‘05


“I was, and continue to be, "Mr. Biola" to all my friends so this is a very hard question to answer!! But, regardless, I think I'd choose the "I was Inspired" movement that I and a couple hundred of my closest friends launched, to show our love for Art Professor Jon Puls after we heard he would not be hired back as a professor the next year. He was just an adjunct faculty member at the time I believe. Regardless, his impact has stayed with me over the years, and I remain inspired to do better work every week because of his infectious commitment to excellence.”

Christof Meyer ‘06

“I loved sitting in the library preparing a paper for a class. The sunny windows provided a great place to talk with the Lord about what I should write.”

Dorothy Scharer ‘05


“Finally earning a BA and sharing my testimony in truth and practical life. I was 34 and had many obstacles which made it difficult to earn a traditional degree. I went through divorce in the middle of my Psychology program and remember one day walking into class feeling defeated and exhausted. My classmate, Jennifer, took me in the hall and sang me a song she was writing. She encouraged me; I went back in and finished my class – and eventually the program.”

Denise Gallippo ‘06

“Meeting my wife (Erin Crook) is of course the greatest takeaway, but some of the most enduring memories are the deep conversations and nights spent in Hart talking through different ways to view the world. Those dorm room talks helped me broaden my view of God’s love and how beautiful different cultures and understanding can be.”

Jonny Wesolowski ‘09


“The amazing friends I made during my freshman year in alpha that were built over late night bathroom talks, runs to Jax donuts and theology conversions at the cafe.”

Sarah Jenson ‘10

“Starting the first day at the new school of business. It was a surreal experience to discuss business and faith in such a beautiful building.”

Diego De Lama, ‘08


Dr. Barry H. Corey is inaugurated as eighth President

“I met my husband on the walkway between Horton and Emerson, I’m so thankful Biola brought us together. We have been married for 12 years with two beautiful children, and I will never forget all of our wonderful memories at Biola!”

Katie Swaleh ‘11

“I was honored to be the Featured Soloist at Biola's 99th Birthday Celebration "Legacy Gala" at the request of President Clyde Cook. The celebration took place at the Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA on the evening of February 24, 2007. One of my many loved memories at Biola University!”

Mildred Black ‘02


“Meeting with Jesus in a new and special way through prayer in Calvary Chapel after a student-organized "After Dark" chapel where Dr. Matt Williams spoke.”

Joelle Ailes ‘10


“My first Biola Christmas tree lighting was absolutely magical. We used to light the big tree next to the music building, and we all stood outside holding wax candles. Singing Christmas carols with my friends was the best! We still do our best to go every year together.”

Havilah Steinman Bakken ‘12

“My Biola Biblelands trip to Israel and Turkey, Greece, and Rome. I also graduated Magna Cum Laud in 2013 at the age of 71."

Steven Sterry ‘13


“I will never forget the euphoria of Torrientation 2011. My introduction to Torrey, Biola, and a whole new phase of life couldn’t have been more inspiring and Spirit-filled than those first days of undergrad.”

Darrick Samuelsen ‘15

“After earning my AA in general studies in 2009 from another institution, I decided to attend Biola University because I valued biblical education. During my time at Biola,I loved my Bible and Psychology classes and I liked all the professors I had and friends I made. As a person who experiences learning disabilities, I used all the resources available to me and successfully graduated on May 28, 2011, with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Biblical Studies. I recall that in 2010, I needed housing off campus so me and a few other guys got together to be roommates; we rented a house on White Rock Drive, right across the street from campus. The Lord is good! He provided housing and He helped me become a university graduate. I am grateful and proud to be an alumnus from Biola University.”

Shaw Bates ‘11


“[...] Watching my husband graduate from Biola while I was pregnant with our first child. Sitting on those hard gym seats but incredibly happy and seeing glimpses of our future together, serving God!”

Whitney Aenestad ‘11

“Learning the Bible from the wonderful BBST faculty provided not only memories, but enduring gifts that will last a lifetime. I still remember being literally exhilarated as I learned new things about Romans with Berding, exegesis with Lockett, or eschatology with Klink (these were sometimes rabbit trails in classes on different subjects!). The passion these men have for the Bible transferred to me and I owe them a debt of gratitude. Years later as a pastor, my people do as well!”

Rob Golding ‘12

“Helping with move-in day and orientation week as an S.O.S. leader. Loved seeing new students and their families excited about starting college and meeting new people!”

Mike Czach ‘15


“My husband and I met in Talbot East on the first day of our Biblical Interpretations class. We later got engaged in that same classroom!”

Savannah Cariaga ‘15

“I had a rough year in 2013. I got the news that my father was in critical condition and had to go to Korea when my wedding was just a few months away. After taking care of him, he went to be with the Lord so he could not attend the wedding. I highly respected Dr. Stranske, who was one of my awesome graduate professors. He actually flew into Northern California to pray for us during the wedding ceremony! Words cannot express how grateful I was for his care and support! Also, when I was just getting started on my MA Teaching degree and had the most amazing experience in my Professional writing class. Dr. Christy Curtis was so personable and caring. She invited our class to her home and made us an unforgettable homemade 3-course meal! I felt so blessed to be in her class and a part of Biola!”

Michelle Rho ‘04


“Finding a love for the sport of lacrosse and meeting my husband our Freshman year during Orientation Week.”

Kayla Clark Ramos ‘18


“While there are many loved Biola memories, like being a part of Taro Talk and Lambda Pi Eta, one that really sticks out to me was being a part of the 1st Biola Startup Competition! Even though we did not win, this was one of my launching moments. Because of being a part of the entrepreneurship presence at Biola, I became involved with the Biola Entrepreneurship Society. This community and Dr. Bob Harp has positively impacted the Biola experience, one of the best gems in my treasure chest of loved Biola memories.”

Elaine Fung ‘18

“While juggling work and family life between India and the United States, I was blessed to complete my masters through the online courses offered at Cook School of Intercultural Studies. The encouragement from professors, their examples of faithfulness, and Biola's focus on one-on-one mentoring changed my life forever. Since my time at Biola, I have helped start a business called The Skipping Stone, a non-profit called Vikas Mission, and in 2022, I finally received my PhD in Leadership Studies from Johnson University. In addition to advisors and loved ones, the strength to move forward often came from the prayers, encouragement, and inspiration I received from Dr. Kitty Purgason, Dr. John Liang, Dr. LC, and Dr. Sappington from Biola University. I am eternally grateful!.”

Abhineeta Matney ‘17


“hands down- common grounds breakfast burritos”

Aliea Jalali ‘18

“Too many to list, but one of the most impactful was at a chapel (either fives or midday) during my sophomore year where God spoke to me, and liberated me from a weight I had been carrying, and allowed me to enjoy my time at Biola all the more.”

Timothy Johnson ‘18

“Talbot classes. Engaging professors. Wonderful community. Life transforming times.”

Bernard Chng ‘17

“Anything and everything regarding my floor, Haven.”

Jonathan Gillespie ‘21


“I loved start[ing] a group spiritual direction where I grew in listening to God and experiencing his presence with my friends. I also got chapel credit!”

Jeremiah Chuang ‘18

“I remember feeling the deepest loneliness Fall of freshman year—as most freshmen do—and it was my birthday in September. [...] I missed home, my parents, my sisters, my friends, and wished somebody would just tell me 'Happy Birthday.' [...] The day came to a close, and a new friend of mine asked me to walk with him to the library [...] we opened the door to the balcony and my entire Torrey cohort was there with a birthday cake and began to sing 'Happy Birthday!' I was stunned and overwhelmed and honored [...] My heart was full and uplifted by their words of encouragement, celebration, and kindness. I had never had a birthday like this before.”

Annie Tolkamp ‘21

“Although there are so many great memories from Biola, my most loved memory would be during my Foundations of Christian Thought class with Dr. Thad Williams where he reminded us of Jesus being in the lecture hall with us, and wherever we went. Ever since that class, I vividly remember I began to think more deeply about Christ and to invite Him into my life every day.”

Misheel Bayarsaikhan ‘21


“The most loved BIOLA memory has to be knowing I was seen by God- even as a minority on campus. God placed the right people, course[s], jobs, every detail of my time was planned by God-transformative! [...] I was on a flight to Colorado for an internship, and I was uncertain whether I should go or not. The moment I set [foot] on the plane, I got an email from an admin at BIOLA[...]. In the email [it briefly said] that God affirmed my steps wherever I went, that he would provide for me [...His] peace overcame me – I was faith filled in those moments and trusted the journey.”

Luisa Ortez ‘19

“We were celebrating our Biola basketball team in the first transition to NCAA Division II with a home game against APU. [...]. During the last final minutes of the match, Biola was down on points. Still, a final shot attempt was made before the final buzzard went off. Biola’s player made the shot. The game ended with a win for the Biola University basketball team against our rival Azusa Pacific University’s basketball team! It was a memorable game and experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Steven Park ‘22

“Leading hide and seek club with my friends Kyla and Katie McGuire.”

Amanda Root ‘18

“My most loved Biola memory was hanging out with my TESOL class girls outside the campus. They not only celebrated the bridal shower with me, but also celebrated the baby shower for my eldest son! I am so thankful for the lifetime friendship.”

Jung Kim ‘18

“Camping with the Track team.”

Mathias Davis ‘22

“Love the quiet times, classmates, professors and all the retreat.”

Viki Wrigley ‘20


“I was lounging in my dorm room in Hope Hall with a large group of girl friends, new and old. We stayed up far too late laughing, telling stories and just having a grand time [...] around 1 a.m., the fire alarm went off and we had to exit the building, just adding to our energy and chaos. Once everything was cleared (no fire, thankfully), we all stumbled up the stairs laughing, and didn't even immediately go to bed, we were all still so joyful. I cherish this memory and relive it often with the same friends today.”

Sarah Dougher ‘21

“Vocal Jazz Reno Festival, where my relationship with my Husband began to flourish!”

Mikayla Brooks ‘20


“I loved participating in mock rock on Heros and winning after working so hard and making wonderful friendships.”

Alumna ‘22

“Sharing with the class a tribute I made for my mom in Professor Muehlhoff's communication class.”

Alumna ‘22