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Tuition Waiver

Anyone using the tuition waiver program must meet all University admissions requirements. Tuition benefits are as follows: after one year of service, employees are eligible for a tuition benefit for themselves that waives 80% of the cost of up to 3 units of tuition per session for undergraduate, master’s or doctoral level courses. After two years of service, employees may receive up to 80% of 6 units of personal-use tuition waiver benefit per session. After five years of service, employees may receive up to 100% of 6 units.

An employee’s spouse or dependent children may receive tuition benefit that waives the cost of tuition per session according to the following schedule:

Years of Service
Tuition Waiver Units For Dependents
1 Year
80% of 3 credits
2 Years
80% of 6 credits
3 Years
80% of 9 credits
4 Years
80% of up to 18 credits
5 or More Years
100% of up to 18 credits

The tuition benefit for a spouse applies only to undergraduate and master’s level courses. The tuition benefit for dependent children applies only to undergraduate courses.

Employees coming to Biola directly from other institutions of higher learning will be given eligibility credit for their continuous years of full-time service at those institutions.

Dependent children must apply for Cal Grant aid, and any such aid will first be applied to the tuition costs before calculation of the tuition waiver amount. For additional information, please see section 5.4 in the Employee Handbook.