Creation Care
Study Program

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Belize, Central America or South Pacific, New Zealand

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Creation Care Study Program

Faculty Program Director:

Dr. Murray Decker
School of Intercultural Studies

When is the Creation Care Study Program offered?

Fall & Spring semesters


Flag of Belize

CCSP is a high-caliber academic semester in Belize or New Zealand & Samoa that connects Christian faith with the most complex, urgent global issues of the coming decades. Focused on environmental studies, sustainable development, and an intentional focus on spiritual formation and Christian community, CCSP offers a robust cross-cultural and interdisciplinary integrated semester of learning and discipleship. CCSP is suitable for all majors, but especially ICS, biology, and sociology majors. CCSP is offered Spring and Fall semesters.

While studying with CCSP students interact with their local communities and discover hands-on the remarkable natural wonders of Belize or New Zealand & Samoa. Some highlights of CCSP-Belize include excursions to local Mayan ruins, snorkeling the world's second largest barrier reef, and exploration of pristine rain forests. The home base for students attending CCSP-South Pacific is nestled on New Zealand’s beautiful south island close to the ocean, but with views of the Southern Alps. The CCSP-South Pacific semester includes an extended field trip to the remote tropical island of Samoa. Both CCSP programs involve homestays with local families and include ample opportunity for independent travel.

Creation Care Study Program Courses Units
Select a Location
South Pacific New Zealand
New Zealand Ecosystems 4
God & Nature 4
Introduction to Sustainable Community Development 4
Environmental Literature 3
Total 12 - 15
Belize Central America
Tropical Ecosystems 4
God & Nature 4
Introduction to Sustainable Community Development 4
Electives (choose one)
Internship 3
Environmental Literature 3
Total 12 - 15