Biola in Ecuador Semester



Quito, Ecuador

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Biola in Ecuador Semester

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When is the Biola in Ecuador Semester offered?

Fall & Spring semesters


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Living and Learning in Quito, Ecuador is a Cross Cultural program available to students who desire to continue their education in an international setting. This semester opportunity is designed to combine classroom learning, ministry, mission and practical internships in a unique and challenging cross-cultural environment. Along with receiving up to 16 units of credit, students will live, learn and grow academically, experientially, and spiritually.

While living in Ecuador students will experience a variety of new cultures, gain a global perspective and understand in a new way the joys and the challenges of serving God. Students will enjoy the rich interaction with teachers, faculty, ministry site hosts, and other students who are on this same journey.

The program introduces students to the diversity of Ecuador, including Quito, the Amazon Jungle, and the Galapagos Islands. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program enables students to communicate and understand the unique challenges of a developing nation and teaches them to respond with an informed, Christ-centered worldview.