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Transfer Course Equivalency Tool (TES)

Part of the transfer process includes comparing the courses you have taken at past colleges or universities. Explore the Transfer Evaluation System (TES) tool below to see which courses from your college or university have successfully transferred to Biola University in the past. 

The course transfer information below is applicable for prospective Biola students. Current or former Biola students should contact their academic advisor, the Office of Academic Advising, or the Office of the Registrar for course transfer information.

If your school or class is not listed on this tool, contact one of the offices below:

If You Know Your Major

Review the list of programs we offer to find the major that is congruent with your current discipline. The “Course Sequence” page in each catalog program page will help you understand all program requirements (e.g. B.S. in Business Administration “Course Sequence”). To check how courses transfer from your current institution, please check our transfer course equivalency tool below.

If You’re Still Deciding on a Major

If you haven’t chosen a major yet, we can help. Take a look at the various academic programs Biola offers, review our core curriculum requirements, and see which of your completed courses transfer into Biola using our transfer course equivalency tool below. If you have questions about a specific course or just want help with choosing your major please contact your counselor.