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Web Design and Content

The web team, located within Biola’s Office of University Marketing, is responsible for the strategy, design and content for most of Biola’s public-facing websites. The team is charged with creating new sites and updating existing sites on behalf of partners across campus — ensuring that our online communication meets branding standards, style guidelines, accessibility regulations and other digital best practices.


Biola’s websites play an essential role in telling the university’s story and providing valuable information to our audiences. The web team provides a number of services to ensure that your content is clear, compelling and findable.

  • New Websites and Landing Pages — Developing new sites and pages is the most significant and time-consuming piece of the web team’s role. This involves conducting audits of existing content, developing new sitemaps, drafting new manuscripts, curating artwork, designing mockups, building staging sites and, finally, launching.
  • Content Management and Coordination — Consistent with best practices at many other universities, access to Biola’s content management system is largely centralized to the web team and not open widely to individuals throughout the organization. This helps to ensure quality control and compliance with essential branding and accessibility standards. To make updates to your web content, complete the simple web request form and a member of the web team will address it promptly.
  • Accessibility Compliance — In an effort both to serve all audiences and to comply with government regulations, Biola is committed to making web content accessible for people with visual, hearing, cognitive and mobility impairments. The web team draws upon extensive training and tools to ensure compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards — which includes areas like color contrast, tab order, alt text on images, descriptive links and more.
  • User Experience — The web team uses Google Analytics and other site-monitoring tools to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of Biola’s websites. If you have questions about site traffic, user behavior, search engine optimization or other metrics, we would be glad to consult with you.

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To request web updates, please complete and submit our web request form. Once you complete the form, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a ticket number that you can reference to track the status of your request.

It’s our aim to resolve your request as quickly as possible. On average, we’re able to address and resolve minor updates (e.g. adjusting content, fixing typos, adding images or documents to existing pages) within one or two business days — and often within just a few hours for simple, high-priority edits. That said, because of the high volume of requests that we may be processing at any given time, we ask that you anticipate up to a week for a response.

The timeline for larger requests — such as overhauling the design of pages, creating new pages, significantly restructuring content — can vary based on workload and the complexity of the request. On average, it takes roughly four to six weeks to fulfill most larger website requests.


In most cases, the web team’s services are provided at no charge.

With certain larger-scale projects, the web team’s design work is subject to interdepartmental fees, which are charged at a rate of $33 per hour. These fees help to offset the costs of overtime pay, design software, student employees and other needs not fully covered by the university’s budget structure. These fees are typically charged for custom design work that falls outside of existing website templates — including custom landing pages and sites for academic centers, fundraising efforts, advertising and other new university initiatives — or for work that needs to be expedited ahead of other pre-scheduled projects. If your project will be subject to any fees, we will communicate this to you in advance.

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Ready to partner with University Marketing? Submit the web request form and a member of our web team will contact you to review your needs and implement your request.

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