Costs & Financial Aid

Tuition Costs

Students will be charged Biola’s standard on-campus undergraduate tuition.

Fall Semester: A down payment of 50% (or full 100% payment) is due August 15 for the fall semester or before departure, whichever is earlier.

  • NOTE: Australia Studies Centre: down payment is due July 15

Spring Semester: A down payment of 50% (or full 100% payment) is due December 15 for the spring semester.

The down payment is calculated the same way as for your on-campus enrollment. Biola's Accounting Department takes your total charges, subtracts your aid and requires you to pay the remaining out-of-pocket amount. This amount may be 50% or 100%, depending on the arrangements you have made with Biola. Failure to make your down payment prior to departure will result in the immediate cancellation of your registration.

Students are encouraged to understand all costs of the programs they are pursuing. These costs are the responsibility of the student whether self-incurred or assessed by the operator of the Program.

Travel & Living Costs

Room and board costs are usually established by the Program provider. See the Program's application page for details. For many Programs room and board costs are lower than on campus at Biola; for some they are higher.

These costs vary greatly by Program and according to each student’s spending habits. The student who gets involved with local friends and activities and travels minimally and strategically can get by on much less than the student who spends most weekends traveling and shopping. Students should take into account exchange rates and the general cost of living in their host country. Living in London, for example, is generally more expensive than living in La Mirada, while living in New Zealand or Uganda is generally less expensive. Estimated living costs for each program should be found on each Program's page; if not, contact the Program!

Unless otherwise noted by the Program provider, transportation costs to and from the program are additional, as is the cost of any travel done once you have arrived. Each Program is different; please read the Program material carefully and ask questions before committing.

You should also take into account costs of obtaining a visa and passport.

Other Costs

Students will also be charged:

  • Study Abroad / Study USA Applicaiton Fee: $30
  • Biola Administrative Fee: $500
  • International Health Insurance (Required for International Programs): Estimated $225

Financial Aid

Under Biola’s Financial Aid regulations:

  • Students who attend a Biola Program or CCCU/BestSemester Program are eligible for full financial aid when the student commits to graduating in four years (Nursing and Music majors commit to graduating in five years).
  • Students will be eligible to receive University Aid for one fall or spring Program.
    • Students will be ineligible to receive University Aid when attending the Justice Studies in Honduras Program. Prior to the beginning of the Justice Studies in Honduras Program students must meet with a Financial Aid Counselor and request a University Aid leave of absence to ensure University Aid will be reinstated upon return from this Program.
    • Dependent Scholarships/Tuition Waiver may only be used when participating in a Biola Student Exchange Program.
  • Summer programs are usually not covered by financial aid; you should contact your Financial Aid Counselor to confirm.

Programs not on the approved full-semester off-campus study program list or those not approved by petition may not be eligible for Biola Financial Aid; more information is here.