Begin Your Application

  1. Review the study programs and select one (or a couple) to learn about.
    Be sure to pay attention to requirements (major, class level, GPA, etc.), when the program is offered, and the application deadlines.

  2. Meet with the academic advisor of your Major’s Department for advising about the program.

  3. Complete the Study Abroad & Study USA Application. Failure to complete this step will jeopardize your participation.
    • Study Abroad & Study USA
      Completing the form provides the Advising Center with information needed to send you the appropriate application. Please contact the Advising Center for more information about the program and its application process.
    • Program of Choice

  4. Complete your Graduation Petition.
    • To complete your Graduation Petition, schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Print off your degree audit ( and a degree requirement sheet (curriculum chart).

  5. Turn in the pre-registration information and completed Graduation Petition to the Advising Center.
    DEADLINES: For spring 2019 programs, Monday, October 15. For fall 2019 programs, Friday, March 15.
    • Biola London has a different deadline; please review the website.
    • The 3 "exchange" programs have different deadlines; please contact the Advising Center.
    • Keep in mind that although the host university or program provider may list a later deadline, the Biola deadline is the one you must follow.

  6. The Study Program will send out their acceptance notifications within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

  7. Once accepted into the program, you will complete all required confirmation materials for the program.

Congratulations on being accepted! Next, we have important "Costs and Financial Aid" information for you to consider, along with some FAQs.