Student Film Showcase

As part of their cinema and media arts curriculum, students craft and collaborate on short and feature lengthen films in order to further their art and education. Each students takes on a different role, including producer, editor, director, cinematographer, production designer, writer and more. Here are just a few examples of the exciting projects that have come out of the Biola's cinema and media arts program.

2016 CMA Film Festival Montage

2014 Biola CMA Film Festival Montage

Short Films

These short films reflect months of hard work and training under the teaching of our professors. From comedy to drama to horror to sci-fi, these shorts reflect the variety of students and imaginations that come from our department.

Featured Trailer

Some of our students have great success with their shorts and features. Because of this, they might be entering the Film Festival Circuit and will not be available online. However, this trailer for Cicada will give you an idea of the quality and excellence that you can expect from these films.