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The Faculty Cut

Resources from Snyder School of Cinema & Media Arts’ Industry Professionals

One of the elements that sets Biola’s Snyder School of Cinema & Media Arts apart from other film schools is the faculty experts. We aren’t just teachers, though we love teaching our craft and watching our students hone their skills. We are entertainment industry professionals: award-winning television and film producers, writers, directors and sound editors (and that’s just for starters).

Here on the Faculty Cut, we’re sharing our knowledge and experience on all sorts of topics, ranging from jobs and salaries to how films actually get made.

Two businesspeople doing a handshaake
What Does it Mean to Sell a Script?

There are a lot of different ways a script or idea for a movie or TV show can be sold. Here's what these terms mean and how to use them...

Ladder resting on a mountain
How to Become a TV Writer

As with most careers, there are a lot of ways to become a television writer. I started as a standup comic and had a track record writing...

Working on a TV script
What Does a TV Writer Do?

A TV writer writes stories that will be seen by a viewing audience. Unlike novelists or poets, whose final product are words on a page, a...

Hundred dollar bills
How Do Independent Film Producers Make Money?

Jump to: Knowing the Market Building and Maintaining Trusted Relationships Being Smart about the Film's Budget Getting Films Sold to...

Woman signing contract papers
What Does a Film Producer Do?

Most people have a basic understanding of the jobs within the entertainment industry. Some are obvious: everyone knows what an actor or a...

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