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B.A. in Theatre

School of Fine Arts and Communication


Drama is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of artistic expression. In Biola’s theatre major, you will gain a deeper understanding of the dramatic craft, including acting, directing, design and storytelling. With both the knowledge and experience you gain, you will be prepared for a professional career in theatre and other communicative arts venues.

Please note that all concentrations require a Conservatory application. Only the "Acting for Stage and Screen" and "Musical Theatre" concentrations require two references and auditions.

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  • Acting for Stage and Screen
    Students interested in pursuing screen acting will benefit from the partnership between the Theatre Department and the School of Cinema and Media Arts in this hands-on concentration, experiencing interdisciplinary learning and benefiting from Biola's proximity to Los Angeles.
  • Musical Theatre
    Offered in partnership with Biola’s Conservatory of Music, our musical theatre concentration provides students with intensive and rigorous training in acting, singing and dancing. You will gain the practical knowledge and creative experience you need to succeed as an actor, performer, storyteller and more.
  • Production
    Successful and innovative producers in the theatre industry are highly skilled in technical design, but also have a breadth of understanding in diverse topics of theatre. In this production concentration, you’ll gain experience in areas ranging from acting to dramatic theory and directing.
  • Theatre Design & Technology
    In the theatre design and technology concentration, you will master the technical and creative areas of dramatic production, including scene design, lighting design, sound design, costume design and stage management. With the training and experience you receive, you’ll be prepared for professional theatre careers as designers and technicians.

Why Choose Theatre at Biola?

In addition to its strong curriculum, expert faculty members and biblical integration, Biola’s theatre program offers several key advantages:

  • Biola is ideally situated in Southern California, close to the entertainment industry, allowing you to enjoy world-class productions and take part in a wide range of internships and performance opportunities.
  • Biola’s "Curtain Time in London" tour, allowing students to travel as a group to London, England, to visit theatrical venues and participate in acting workshops.
  • Students have the opportunity to take part in dramatic productions each semester through Biola’s Theatre 21.
  • As a Christian theatre major, you will have the opportunity to see how aspects of acting can transform the messages found in church and parachurch settings.

What Will I Study?

As a theatre major, you will experience the practice of acting and study theories of how theatre functions and communicates. You will have numerous real-world learning opportunities to use the craft of acting to communicate messages to an audience who has come to witness entertainment, a spiritual message or consider an important societal issue. Course topics and highlights from interest in roles behind the scenes or center stage include:

  • Directed practical experience in dramatic production
  • Creating stage scenery
  • Principles of contemporary acting techniques
  • Introduction to elements of dramaturgy
  • Building a stage model
  • Script analysis
  • Mechanics and creativity of drama in the church

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Bree Hobbs

Going to Biola was an easy decision for me. I wanted to choose a place where I could hone my craft, but also grow my faith, because I knew the entertainment industry was so dark. Biola did that for me. I got to create beautiful pieces of art through theatre, in all aspects. Not only did I get to learn more about being an actress, but I also discovered a passion for stage management and properties design. What is amazing about this program is that the intimate size allowed me to pick and choose what I wanted to do and learn. Things weren't sugar coated, I knew coming out of this program my career in the entertainment industry wasn't going to be easy. I am so thankful for my time here and the relationships I built, because of them I am starting to thrive in my field.

Bree Hobbs
Manager Mission Escape Games, StageHand at Universal Studios, Production Assistant at Bang Zoom
Theatre, B.A. '18
June Kim

Looking back at my years at Biola, I can’t forget the community where we shared the same interests and passion in theatre. Since it is an intimate program, I was able to be involved in so many different parts of theatre, and this led me to find my strength in stage management. Also, the most remarkable advice I got from a professor was: “There are no mistakes. We are always there to support one another.” Coming from a foreign country, I was somewhat passive during theatre classes at first, but the encouragement and trust I’ve received from teachers and colleagues has provided me with a stable environment to hone my skills as a theatre practitioner.

June Kim
Freelance Stage Manager
Theatre, B.A. '19
4 years
Standard Duration
This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.
Total Program Credits
Total program credits include a combination of major/concentration, Bible/theology and general education credits.
Biola University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Additional accreditations may apply to specific programs.

Career Paths

A degree in theatre provides exceptional general preparation for careers in film, theatre, performance, television, education or ministry. As a well-equipped professional, you can expect to impact the world for Jesus Christ in drama and art professions such as:

  • Playwright
  • Producer or director
  • Costume designer
  • Drama coach
  • Actor/actress
  • Prop manager
  • Drama critic
  • School drama teacher
  • Stage manager
  • Technical writer

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