If you desire to pursue a career in teaching elementary, junior high or high school music, the Music Education program is designed for you. Private lessons, formal and informal recitals, large and small ensemble experience, basic and advanced conducting, instrumental and choral literature courses, music education workshops in woodwinds, brass, percussion, and string instruments, and exposure to music drama all work together to prepare you for a career in music leadership. Enjoy ensemble student conductor positions, teaching assistantships, student observation and student teaching opportunities offered for "hands on" experience.

Our music education majors will be sharing God’s gift of music with children of all ages. As we know, music has such an impact on the world. What a powerful tool to profess the love of God. My hope is that Biola’s music education students will have a strong hand in impacting this young community.”

Dr. Angela Park, Music Education Area Coordinator
Subject music education

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