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Earn University Credits

At a Top University for International Students

Founded in 1908, Biola University is a leading faith-based university in the United States. It is ranked on U.S. News and World Report’s selective list of universities with “Best Undergraduate Teaching'' and one of the “Top Universities for International Students.”



Why Choose the Global Youth Scholars Program at Biola?

Earn transferable university credits

Each course you successfully complete through the Global Youth Scholars Program will earn you three university credits that can be transferable to most universities*.

Save time with our flexible online program

All courses are fully online, giving you the flexibility to complete them at your own pace. In just seven weeks**, earn three university credits that can be transferred to Biola and other universities.

Get a tuition discount

Accumulate university credits at a reduced tuition rate and get a head start in your higher education journey.

Experience university-level lectures

All courses are taught by our Biola professors, and the quality of your education is university-approved with its intensive and comprehensive curriculum.

Receive priority application review to Biola

When you apply to Biola University as a first-time college student or transfer student, your completed application will be prioritized in the review process.

*Completion of the courses and receipt of Biola credit does not impact or guarantee a student’s admission to Biola, and if the student does not enroll at Biola for matriculation, transferability of credits to another college or university is not guaranteed. As such, students and their families are encouraged to research transferability to other universities if so desired.

**Course duration is subject to change.

What Courses are Offered?

Upcoming Courses

Additional Courses

The following courses are subject to change depending on the term you apply for. Please contact for questions.

Film Appreciation (3 credits)

A 7-week online course from Biola’s School of Cinema and Media Arts that gives you the opportunity to explore the art, history, theory and appreciation of film. You’ll screen and analyze 10 films in all — including Casablanca (1942), Spirited Away (2001), Arrival (2016) and others. You’ll also read scholarly texts, engage in creative projects, participate in group discussions, and write reflective essays.

Principle of Microeconomics (3 credits)

A 7-week online course from Biola University’s Crowell School of Business that introduces you to some essential concepts for future business leaders and entrepreneurs. Studying under one of Biola’s esteemed faculty members, you’ll learn about the factors that drive consumers’ and companies’ choices and the role of the government in regulating economics.

Visual Aesthetics (3 credits)

Visual Aesthetics is an introduction to creating effective stories using images. The principles acquired are applicable across filmmaking, games, photography and advertising. Whether you have an interest in filmmaking or a love for media, this course will open your eyes to the techniques and tools employed by great creators. Students will learn how to use visual elements such as color and lighting to tell their own stories more effectively and will complete both photography and film projects.

Multimedia Channels (3 credits)

A course providing students an introduction to various channels necessary for companies and organizations to resource in communicating messages for the building of relationships with select audiences. Course content introduces basics in writing for social media for organizations and causes and exposes students to digital strategies and tools as students prepare for careers in various areas of public relations. Students begin the development of their professional online presence.

Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)

A survey of psychology as an empirical/behavioral science with a consideration of underlying philosophical bases in light of a Christian worldview. Topics to be surveyed include development, cognition, learning, motivation, physiology, socialization, personality and psychopathology.

The Rhetorical Act (3 credits)

This course develops student understanding of rhetoric as the foundation to all effective communication. Based on a communication model that recognizes the rhetorical situation as a determining factor in all communication decisions, the course provides students with instruction on gathering, organizing, and presenting information appropriate for the audience, context, and purpose of the communication event. Students will understand their role as both communicator/audience and will be asked to deliver/critique oral and written products to demonstrate their development of rhetorical skills.

Studies in Critical Thinking and Writing with Studio (3 credits)

A 14-week online course that introduces you to some essential concepts for reading and discussion of ideas and methods in writing, stressing fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, spelling and paragraph writing, along with critical thinking, persuasion and evaluation.

Student standing near the Flour Fountain at Biola University.

Ready to Apply?

Cost: $1,500 USD per course


  • High School GPA: 3.0 or above
  • English Proficiency:
    • TOEFL iBT: 80
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • Duolingo: 115

If you do not meet the requirements but would still like to apply to the Global Youth Scholars program, please contact

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Do You Have Any Questions?

Please contact the Global Youth Scholars Program assistant and our team will be happy to assist you!

WeChat: BiolaINTL1

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any financial aid for the Global Youth Scholars Program?

Since the GYS courses are already heavily discounted, there is no additional financial aid available. Normally, Biola courses are $1,300 per credit hour at 3 credit hours per course. However, the GYS courses cost $500 per credit hour: a savings of $800 per hour! Students taking GYS courses receive 60% off the regular tuition rate.

Is an enrollment deposit required to register for the Global Youth Scholars program?

No, the students do not need to pay an enrollment deposit for the GYS Program currently.

Do I need to pay any additional fees for the textbooks required for the GYS courses?

Depending on the course, students will be required to buy the textbook to take the course. For some courses, textbooks will be provided for free. For other courses, students can either buy the physical textbook online or buy the eBook from Biola’s Slingshot service.

Are the GYS courses fully online or in person?

GYS courses are offered fully online. The professor will meet with students twice a week over Zoom. If you are interested, we can also offer a course without the Zoom requirement. Our goal is to make the program globally accessible so that students can take the course no matter where they are.

If I am currently not in the US with a different time zone, can I take the GYS course?

The GYS Program currently offers courses for students in Asia. However, we would love to offer courses appropriate for other time zones as well if you are interested in the GYS Program.

What if I need help with writing essays, is there any assistance that could be provided for me?

Students who are enrolled in the GYS Program can make an appointment with the Rhetoric & Writing Center to get help with any writing assignments, research reports and conversational English. They provide feedback for writing projects at any stage — from outlines and early drafts to revisions and final edits.

How can I know if the GYS course is transferable for another school?

Students can check the transferability of the course by using the TES tool.

How can I find out if the GYS course is useful for my major?

Review the list of programs we offer to find the major that is congruent with your current discipline. The “Course Sequence” page for each program will outline which courses are required to complete your degree (e.g. B.S. in Business Administration “Course Sequence”).

What is the difference between the GYS courses and regular Biola courses?

They are the same! All courses are taught by our Biola professors, and the quality of your education is university-approved with its intensive and comprehensive curriculum. Earning college and high school credits simultaneously is a win-win program.

Welcome from the President

Dear Parents and Students, Welcome to the community of Biola University!

As a leader in academic quality and innovation, Biola University is consistently ranked among the top faith-based universities in the United States, and was recognized as one of the “Top Universities for International Students” by the U.S. News & World Report. Biola’s nine schools offer more than 150 academic programs, enrolling more than 6,000 students at our California campus, online and in distance programs throughout the world. Since 1908, Biola has equipped the kingdom-minded with academic excellence and character building, preparing students to thrive professionally and personally.

Through this Global Youth Scholars program, I invite you to experience what makes Biola’s academic experience distinct — while getting an early start in earning college credits and completing high school course requirements simultaneously!

Barry H. Corey

President of Biola University