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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Earn a bachelor's in computer science degree from Biola University and develop the software engineering, project management and programming skills to impact how technology will change and transform our world.

How we do business, how we communicate and what we do for entertainment are all being transformed by computer scientists and software developers. Quickly changing landscapes in these fields and beyond provide opportunities for people with advanced computer science skills to profoundly impact the world. Biola's computer science major allows future computer scientists to grow their knowledge in the field of computer science, while honing their abilities to innovate, program, solve problems and succeed across a range of careers.

In addition to its strong curriculum and biblical integration, Biola’s computer science program offers several key advantages:

  • Biola was included in U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 Undergraduate Computer Science Programs. Biola University as a whole earned a spot in the top tier of the “best national universities” category of U.S. News and World Report’s Best Colleges rankings.
  • Small class sizes give you an opportunity to interact with your professors, who have extensive experience in teaching, research and publishing.
  • Graduates report feeling well prepared for computer science-related careers, which are among the best-paid, highest-satisfaction and fastest-growing occupations.
  • Well-equipped laboratories at the Lim Center offer hands-on experience and opportunities to put your learning into action.
  • The Quantitative Consulting Center (QCC) offers valuable hands-on experience to partner with Biola faculty and external clients on analytic projects. In addition, Biola’s Research Assistant in Math Program (RAMP) offers a research environment where Biola math and computer science majors are supported in research projects that complement their academic goals. Research assistants through RAMP are paid to assist faculty with research and Specialized Directed Research courses enable working with a faculty member in their areas of research, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Data Mining — many of these have resulted in publications and conference presentations.
  • Analytics @ Biola provides a unique opportunity for you to take courses offered through Crowell School of Business and the School of Science, Technology and Health to create your own learning experience — you can earn an extra minor while only taking a few additional courses.
  • Biola’s computer science bachelor's degree program follows the guidelines recommended by the IEEE Computer Society and Association for Computing Machinery, ensuring that you receive a strong academic foundation.
  • Biola offers the Torrey Honors College and the Stewart Science Honors Program to enhance your learning experience.

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What will I study as a computer science major?

The B.S. in Computer Science offers expert training in computation and information processing strategies through a varied list of computer science courses. By providing both a traditional computer science track and an information system track that emphasizes bridging computers and business management, students will be equipped with essential knowledge and skills. Computer science degree program course topics and highlights include:

  • Organization and structure of programming languages
  • User interface design, implementation and evaluation
  • Data structures
  • Operating systems
  • Computer architecture
  • Theory of algorithms
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Systems programming
  • Database design and management
  • Machine learning and data science
  • Robotics

Bible and Theology Coursework

As part of Biola’s commitment to a biblically centered education, most undergraduate students complete 30 credits of biblical and theological studies as a part of their degree program. Learn more about our Bible and theology core.

Career Outlook and Preparation

What Can You Do with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science?

The computer science degree will provide you exceptional general preparation for careers in the high demand science, business and computer communities. As a well-equipped professional, you can expect to impact the world for Jesus Christ in professions such as:

  • Business intelligence architect
  • Chief information officer
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Cybersecurity analyst
  • Data scientist/analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Director of IT services
  • Game designer/developer
  • Information security analyst
  • IT data or security architect
  • Market research analyst
  • Mobile application designer/developer
  • Network architect
  • Software applications developer
  • System analyst
  • User interface designer
  • Web developer

In addition, Biola's computer science graduates have gone on to use their computer expertise in major international companies, Hollywood and missions to impact the world for Jesus. Some have gone on to graduate programs at UCLA, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, University of Southern California and University of Washington. Professional highlights include:

  • Application Security Engineer, Gitlab
  • Director, Application Services
  • Engineering Manager, Riot Games
  • Integration Engineer, Apple and Panasonic
  • Music Video Producers
  • Network Engineers
  • Pastors
  • Scientific and Technical Achievement Academy Award winner
  • Signal and Image Processing Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Software Developer, Sony Pictures Imageworks
  • Software Development Engineer, Amazon
  • Software Engineer, Google
  • Software Engineer, Liferay, Inc.
  • Systems Engineer, Cisco
  • Technology Missionary, Papua New Guinea

25% job growth

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for software developers is projected to be much faster than average between 2021 and 2031.

BLS projections are not specific to Biola University students or graduates.

Kevin Ginta

It was humbling being surrounded by so many bright minds in my field, from intelligent and caring professors to hard-working and sharp students...Biola does an amazing job in connecting your career with your faith and showing that they're not mutually exclusive.

Aerospace Software Engineer
Computer Science, B.S. '21
Jamison Meyerovitz

The thoughtful integration of a biblical worldview in classes has allowed me to see my gift in cybersecurity as a direct ministry to pursue justice and protect those who are vulnerable to attack. From professors to students the community and loving-kindness I have experienced here is quite like nothing I have experienced anywhere else. Biola has equipped me to winsomely yet boldly share my faith with others and has taught me how to praise God in the highs yet to lament well in the lows of life. If I had one single piece of advice to students considering computer science it would be to not fear failure; surely, we have a God who is greater than our biggest mountains.

Jamison Meyerovitz
Computer Science, B.S. '21
Cyrus Dela Cruz

The small class size gives us the adequate attention we need as we continue to seek further knowledge as students. The professors here are able to guide us and show us how God can use our career choice to further His kingdom.

Cyrus Dela Cruz
Computer Science, B.S. '18
Sterling Scott Jr

I cannot imagine the person I'd be if it were not for the people I met at Biola who poured into me everyday.

Software Developer, Everest Agency
Computer Science, B.S. '17


Admissions Process

Learn about Biola’s admissions requirements, steps to apply, application deadlines and more at our Undergraduate Admissions page.

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Learn more about this program by attending an upcoming event for prospective students and parents, or by scheduling a personalized visit.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Attaining a degree from Biola is more affordable than you might think — dramatically lower than the “sticker price” in most cases — with 100% of incoming undergraduate students receiving some form of financial aid.


Learning Opportunities

Research Assistantship

Advanced students in the computer science program have the opportunities to participate in the research projects of the faculty. Under the supervision of the faculty, these students serve as research assistants and study important recent developments in computer science, including topics in areas such as information security, computer vision, natural language processing, knowledge representation and automatic reasoning, machine learning and combinatorial optimization.

NSF Research Experiences

Each summer, the National Science Foundation (NSF) provides a variety of student research opportunities through its Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Typically a small group of 10 or so undergraduates work on a specific research project supervised by researchers at the host institution. Students are granted stipends and assistance with housing and travel. Many computer science majors benefit greatly from the REU programs. Learn more about NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates programs.

Internship Opportunities

Many computer science majors learn and benefit greatly from internship opportunities on campus and in the industry. See more information from Biola's Center for Career Development and companies such as:

National Cyber League Competition

Each semester, Biola University competes virtually in the National Cyber League (NCL), which is the largest collegiate ethical hacking tournament in the country. The NCL allows students to hone offensive and defensive skills for cybersecurity. Students learn to break cryptographic algorithms, crack passwords, enumeration and exploit computers, and perform network and packet analysis. Each season consists of two live exercises from Biola's very own student cyber-leaders before the NCL preseason singles, single-person regular season, and team games. From the start of this program in Spring 2019, Biola University has climbed to a top 60 spot out of 920+ teams, which represent over 300 universities across the nation.

MCS Connects

MCS Connects is a student-led committee to plan social events every semester to encourage fellowship and community within the Computer Science department.

Quantitative Consulting Center (QCC)

Students have the opportunity to partner with faculty, graduate students and clients outside the university, and assess real data and uncover trends with a variety of projects. Explore past projects and learn more at

Analytics @ Biola

Analytics @ Biola is a collection of programs where students are taught to analyze and interpret complex sets of data, and equipped to offer strategic insights for businesses and industries. Learn more at


How long does it take to get a degree in computer science?

A bachelor's degree in computer science typically requires four years of full-time study. However, this can vary if you choose to pursue the degree part-time, add a minor or include extended study in other areas.

What are the differences between a degree in computer science and computer engineering?

Computer Science (CS) degree:

  • Focuses on the understanding and design of computers and computational processes.
  • Covers theoretical and mathematical aspects of computing.
  • Studies include programming, data structures, algorithms, database systems, user interfaces, computer architecture, operating systems and software engineering.
  • Potential careers include software developer, data scientist, systems analyst, database administrator and network engineer.

Computer Engineering (CE) degree:

  • Combines elements of electrical engineering and computer science.
  • Concentrates on thesis design, implementation and application of computing systems.
  • Curriculum covers both hardware and software, including digital logic design, computer organization and architecture, and embedded system design.
  • Potential careers include hardware engineer, systems designer, network engineer and embedded systems developer.

Biola's B.S. in Computer Science is a unique program that integrates training for network engineering as well as computer organization and architecture with traditional computer science course work. While many students find this to be a perfect blend of computer science and engineering, students looking to focus more on engineering should consider the Bachelor of Science in Engineering program.

What minors pair well with a computer science degree?

  • Mathematics: Enhances logical and analytical thinking, useful for algorithm design and data analysis.
  • Business Administration: Useful for those planning to start their own tech company or interested in roles that interface between technical teams and business operations.

Does Biola offer an online bachelor’s degree in computer science?

No, Biola University does not currently offer any online computer science programs. While online computer science degrees are available from other institutions, Biola focuses on providing a high-quality, on-campus experience for students pursuing their degree.

On-campus computer science programs provide several advantages, including direct interaction with professors, hands-on experience in well-equipped laboratories and a collaborative learning environment with fellow students. These advantages can help students develop essential skills and make lasting connections in the field while pursuing their computer science degree.

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You'll study in person at Biola University's campus in Southern California.

Total Credits

Total program credits include major-specific courses and Biola's core curriculum.

Standard Completion Time

This indicates the standard duration of this program. Completion time may vary depending on transferred coursework and preferred courseload.


Biola University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission. Additional accreditations may apply to specific programs.