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Alumni Success | B.S. in Computer Science

Cyrus Dela Cruz
Computer Science, B.S. '18

The small class size gives us the adequate attention we need as we continue to seek further knowledge as students. The professors here are able to guide us and show us how God can use our career choice to further His kingdom.’

Game Developer
Computer Science, B.S. '16
Jamison Meyerovitz
Computer Science, B.S. '21

The thoughtful integration of a biblical worldview in classes has allowed me to see my gift in cybersecurity as a direct ministry to pursue justice and protect those who are vulnerable to attack. From professors to students the community and loving-kindness I have experienced here is quite like nothing I have experienced anywhere else. Biola has equipped me to winsomely yet boldly share my faith with others and has taught me how to praise God in the highs yet to lament well in the lows of life. If I had one single piece of advice to students considering computer science it would be to not fear failure; surely, we have a God who is greater than our biggest mountains.’

Software Engineer
Computer Science, B.S. '16
Software Developer
Computer Science, B.S. '07
Senior Security Engineer at GitLab
Computer Science, B.S. '17
Software Developer, Everest Agency
Computer Science, B.S. '17

I cannot imagine the person I'd be if it were not for the people I met at Biola who poured into me everyday. ’

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