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Advisory Groups

The School of Science, Technology and Health has three advisory groups that closely collaborate and advise the Dean and school leaders. These dedicated groups, composed of industry experts and current students share their expertise, perspectives and recommendations.

Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board is a group of industry, health and academic professionals who support and advise high-level initiatives at the School of Science, Technology and Health. The ultimate goal of the Professional Advisory Board aligns with that of the school, which is to “equip a new generation of ethnically thoughtful professionals in the sciences and health care; grounded in a Christian worldview, educated in an academically rigorous environment, ready to assume positions of leadership, and able to provide the clear moral vision the world desperately needs."

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Alumni Advisory Council

The Alumni Advisory Council is designed to be a group of former students representing the various disciplines in SSTH. The AAC advises the Dean and other school leaders on (1) curriculum and experiential learning opportunities and (2) strategic future school planning (e.g., new programs, etc.).

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Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is designed to be a group of student leaders representing students from the six SSTH departments. The SAC will advise the Dean on (1) general student concerns, (2) curriculum and experiential learning opportunities, (3) school special events (e.g., SSTH Thursday Speaker Series, industry visits), and (4) strategic future planning (e.g., new programs, etc.).

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