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Alumni Advisory Council

The School of Science, Technology, and Health’s (SSTH) Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) is designed to be a group of former students representing the various disciplines in SSTH.

The AAC advises the Dean and other school leaders on:

  1. Curriculum and experiential learning opportunities and 
  2. Strategic future school planning (e.g., new programs, etc.). 

As their availability allows, the AAC will engage in opportunities to:

  1. Mentor current SSTH students
  2. Offer job shadowing and/or internship opportunities
  3. Guest speak in classes or other venues
  4. Partner in research and/or experiential learning opportunities (e.g., project-based learning)

Council Members

Jireh Gerry

Adjunct, Biological Sciences at Biola University

Biological Science, B.S. '22

Alexis Grant

Teachers' Aide, Masters in Education

Biochemistry, B.S. '22

Bella Vino

Patient Care Assistant at HOAG Hospital

Human Biology, B.S. '22

Caleb Houser

Mechanical Engineering Manager at Northrop Grumman Space Systems

Engineering Physics, B.S. '18

Dahlys Ang

Speech Pathologist

Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.S. '21

Angela Comenzo

School Nurse for ABC Unified School District

Nursing, B.S. '21

Jamison Meyerovitz

Backend Software Developer at Webconnex

Computer Science, B.S. '21

Noelle Wells

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory APT

Engineering Physics, B.S. '23

Alique Malakian

Student at California State University, Northridge, MS in Kinesiology (emphasis biomechanics) program, Adjunct, Kinesiology at Biola University

Kinesiology, B.S. '23

Tim Lindsey

Student at UCLA Bioinformatics Ph.D. Program

Computer Science, B.S. '23

Siena Stacy

Registered Nurse at Marian Regional Medical Center

Nursing, B.S. '23

Angelina Rosalez

CPE Lab Supervisor at Biola University

Biological Science, B.S. '23

Corinna Magness

Speech Language Pathologist at Highline Public Schools

Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.S. '21

Ashley Baylor

Strength Trainer for Rooted Rehabilitation and owner of The Baylor Strong Project

Kinesiology, B.S. '21

Miguel Abascal III

Medical Student at University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Biological Sciences, B.S '21, Master of Public Health (MPH) '23