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Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board is a group of industry, health and academic professionals who support and advise high-level initiatives at the School of Science, Technology and Health. The board meets twice a year to provide the dean of the School of Science, Technology and Health with professional insight to ensure programs, practices and investments are in line with cutting edge science, technology and health standards, and that these initiatives will provide the best outcome for students.

The ultimate goal of the Professional Advisory Board aligns with that of the school, which is to “equip a new generation of ethically thoughtful professionals in the sciences and health care; grounded in a Christian worldview, educated in an academically rigorous environment, ready to assume positions of leadership, and able to provide the clear moral vision the world desperately needs."

Board Members

Joe Beery


Wesley Cheng

Executive Director,

Paul Glyer

Retired, Beckman Coulter

Larry James

Deputy Director and COO, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Matthew Lee

Managing Partner, Triaxiom Capital, LLC

Mike Strauss

David Ross Boyd Professor of Physics, The University of Oklahoma

Peter Kudenchuk

Professor of Medicine/Cardiology, University of Washington Medical Program Director, King County Medic One

Sanford Kenyon

Chief Executive Officer, BloomBoard Inc.

Lisa Kuecker

Nurse Practitioner, Hoag Hospital

Walter Myers

Principal Engineering Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Lauren White

Systems Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jimmy Lin, MD, PhD, MHS

Chief Scientific Officer, Freenome
Founder & CEO, Rare Genomics Institute

Ryon Ellis


Daniel Adent

Partner GM of ForzaTech for Turn 10 Studios, Microsoft Corporation

Danny Kim

CEO, Quest Institute

Terry Kim

Senior Project Leader, Engineering & Technology Group, The Aerospace Corporation

Luke van der Westhuyzen

Director of Operations, Beezwax Datatools, Inc.