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Standard Computer Science Concentration

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The Standard Computer Science concentration prepares students for expertise in computing, offering extensive training in algorithms, calculus, linear algebra, and topics such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. The concentration provides students with a solid foundation to build on for various areas of computer science, including but not limited to: cybersecurity, game development, web development, UI/UX, robotics, artificial intelligence, computer networking, cloud computing, mobile app development and more.

In this concentration you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attain solid software development skills through the Introduction to Computer Science, Data Structures, and Programming Language series of courses. By the third course in the series, you will develop a programming language interpreter through a semester-long project. In the Programming Languages course, you will additionally gain experience in Web development languages.
  • Work on a team project to develop a mobile application through a human-centered design process utilizing personas, wireframes, and mockups in the User Interface Design and Programming course.
  • Develop a software system through a semester-long team project system using development life cycle processes end-to-end through planning, requirements, design, implementation, and testing in the Software Engineering course.
  • Form a biblical worldview perspective of computer science through ethics assignments in Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, and Software Engineering.
  • Gain understanding of network security in the layers of the internet protocol stack through the Computer Communications course.
  • Build a strong theoretical foundation for computer science through Theory of Algorithms and Math courses.

In addition to the program-specific core curriculum courses in data structures, programming and software engineering, students will complete 38 credits to be equipped with the foundational knowledge and skills in computer science. Some course highlights include the following:

  • Operating Systems
  • User Interface Design and Programming
  • Theory of Algorithms
  • Topics in Computer Science
  • Calculus I and II
  • Discrete Structures
  • Linear Algebra
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operations Research

Please refer to courses for highlights or the catalog for curriculum details.

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