Brass Quintet

Biola brass quintet
Small robert feller

These 5 top brass players (2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba) are used as a mobile small ensemble for numerous performances on and off campus each year. Their repertoire includes powerful sacred and the best of standard brass quintet literature. This ensemble gives students the foundation needed to access much of the standard brass quintet performance practices.

Rehearsal Times

  • Varies to accommodate the schedules of the participating students.

How to Audition

Auditions are held during Orientation Week, usually Tuesday and Wednesday. For Fall 2015, this will likely be August 25-26, 2015. Audition Sign up Sheets are posted on the door of Room 114 in Crowell Hall (Conductor Mr. Robert Feller's office door).

To audition, prepare two pieces of contrasting style, demonstrating both ends of your abilities. Two movements of a Concerto; a slow movement demonstrating your lyrical abilities, and a faster movement demonstrating your technical abilities is preferred. If two movements of a Concerto are not available, two contrasting Etudes will suffice.