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Learning Opportunities | B.A. in Christian Ministries

Undergraduate Advisory Board

The purpose of the advisory board is to bring up issues that are relevant to student needs and to classes in the major, as well as to coordinate social events. The board will meet at least twice a semester, or more often as needed.

The board is made up of three undergraduate faculty members and nine undergraduate Christian ministries students, who are selected by the undergraduate faculty -- ideally, three students from each of the senior, junior, and sophomore class will be represented. Board members will be selected late in the spring semester to serve during the following school year. Student representatives will be introduced to classes early in the semester.

Standard Internship Program

Christian ministry students not wishing to participate in the GOLD Internship Program must still complete a one semester immersive internship of 30 hours/week. However, students will not be required to continue the internship for a second semester. Since ministry sites will not be guaranteed, the student will be responsible to find his or her own ministry site. The standard ministry internship offers the following benefits:

  • Students will gain a realistic understanding of ministry demands and expectations
  • Students will possess a Ministry Portfolio of Best Practices DVD, which will include: speaking, philosophy of ministry formal presentation, curriculum and programming -- retreat, event and calendar -- templates

Annual Student Retreat

Each year during the fall semester, the Christian ministries department sponsors an all-student retreat for the purpose of facilitating department-wide community building, communication, spiritual formation and academic advising. There is a non-refundable $175 fee assessed at the beginning of each academic year for this event. All students are expected to attend this event. Any student seeking an exception should contact the chair of the department.

GOLD Internship Program

One of the two tracks for completing the Christian ministries immersive internship requirement is the GOLD Internship, in which students are placed in the highest quality ministry training centers, screened and vetted by Biola, where outstanding ministry practitioners supervise them. The Christian ministries department assigns interns to these sites after interviews with both the student and site supervisor to ensure the best philosophical fit and long-term success of the student. After serving 25 hours per week for the first semester, GOLD students continue the internship a second semester at 10 hours per week to gain a holistic understanding of the ministry throughout an entire school year.

Some benefit highlights include:

  • Intentional mentoring by CM faculty and gold standard site supervisor
  • Enhanced professional skills: interpersonal, interview, resume, financial, teaching, programming, etc.
  • Well-rounded experience in a specialized field of ministry
  • Network contacts for future ministry opportunities/career
  • Better prepared for graduate school studies

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