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Christian Apologetics

Be equipped with sound teaching. Share your faith with confidence. Learn more through leading Christian apologetics programs.

Biola's Christian apologetics programs at Talbot School of Theology are led by some of the most respected thinkers and scholars in the field — individuals who seek to honor God with their minds and engage the world with a rationally grounded, intellectually sound case for faith. Talbot’s Christian apologetics programs seek to train Christ followers to defend the faith, present the gospel and impact the world.

Both of Talbot's Christian apologetics degree programs will stretch you as you explore a faith-based perspective on topics such as evolution, the reliability of Scripture and the problem of pain. You'll have the opportunity to wrestle with challenging questions, both in the community of your classes and independently as you reflect on course material. You'll come away with a secure foundation of faith, a compassionate heart and a mind that's been prepared to answer questions with confidence and authenticity.

Degrees and Programs

Our top-ranked Christian Apologetics programs — available online or on-campus - are designed to train and equip believers to give the case for the Christian faith. Take a look at our top faculty and the programs listed below to see which one is the best fit for you.

Admissions Process

Interested in applying to one of our master’s programs? Learn more about our process so you can get started.

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Tuition & Financial Aid

Get all the information you need about our tuition costs and financial aid opportunities and see details for the departmental Acts 17 Scholarship.

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Learning Formats

Apologetics programs can now be completed fully online or on campus.

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