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Certificate in Christian Apologetics

Talbot School of Theology


The online certificate program in Christian Apologetics is open to everyone regardless of educational background. There are no prerequisites for this program. We believe that every Christian should have access to training in apologetics regardless of age, careers, time restraints, denomination, or finances. The certificate program is an accessible way to begin studying the field of apologetics. We invite you to come learn about the relevancy and importance of the apologetics conversation today.

Program Details

The Christian apologetics online certificate program is comprised of recordings from our Defending the Faith Lecture Series. Here are a few key points about the program structure:

  • The program consists of three courses.
  • Each course of the program includes eight unique audio lectures by top apologists, as well as course notes and a certificate quiz.
  • The certificate can be earned by completing all three courses.
  • The distance learning format allows for students to complete the program at their own pace.


The Certificate in Christian Apologetics program is made up of three different courses, and each course consists of eight unique audio lectures by top apologists. Each course includes course notes and a certificate quiz, and all progress can be saved at any point — allowing each student to complete the program at their own pace.

Purchase Courses Now

  • Course 1
    Learn about topics such as:
    • Arguments for the existence of God
    • Evidence for the resurrection
    • Solving the problem of evil
    • And more!
  • Course 2
    Learn about topics such as:
    • Christianity and the challenge of world religions
    • Miracles and the modern mind
    • Responding to the cults
    • And more!
  • Course 3
    Learn about topics such as:
    • Darwinism in crisis
    • Apologetics and the spiritual life
    • Successful tactics in defending the faith
    • And more!

Earn Credit Toward the Christian Apologetics Master's Program

The certificate program can also be used toward the Master of Arts with a focus in Christian Apologetics. In order to receive the two semester credits of credit toward the master's degree for each Defending the Faith Lecture Series (maximum of 6 semester credits), see the following procedure:

  1. During the certificate program, complete all work required of master's program students (read the recommended textbooks, take all quizzes and complete the essays).
  2. Apply for the Christian apologetics master's program
    • Applications for the spring semester are due by November 1; applications for the fall semester are due by July 1.
    • Request transcripts and letters of recommendation.
  3. Register for CSAP 604 Defending the Faith: Continuing Study (2 credits).
    • Once a student in the Christian apologetics master's program, sign up during registration for CSAP 604 in addition to any other classes.
    • Up to six credits of CSAP 604 are allowed for students who have taken up to three Defending the Faith Lecture Series.
    • Pay the full tuition rate for the credits during registration.
    • The final grade for CSAP 604 will be based on the grade given for the final exam during the lecture series.

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