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Talbot School of Theology aims to help you think well about important issues facing Christianity and culture. As you seek to follow Jesus and faithfully respond to challenges to the faith, we’re dedicated to providing you with trustworthy resources through our blog, podcast and magazine.

‘Think Biblically’ Podcast

Talbot’s weekly podcast offers thoughtful Christian insights on issues facing today’s church and culture. Learn how to faithfully engage with cultural trends and current events.

The Good Book Blog

Talbot’s faculty blog provides solid biblical scholarship and Christian perspectives on topics including biblical studies, theology, philosophy and spiritual formation.

Talbot Magazine

Talbot magazine, published twice a year, features biblical and theological commentary from Talbot professors, as well as news and updates from the Talbot community.

Talbot Chapels

Talbot’s weekly chapels are open to students and staff members, offering a space to learn and reflect. Our chapels highlight preaching and teaching from seminary faculty, visiting pastors and ministry leaders, and we also provide recordings of past events.