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Why Talbot?

See life through the lens of scripture

Talbot provides you with a robust theological education, deeply rooted in Scripture and constantly grounded in practice, so that you will be biblically faithful, culturally engaged, spiritually sensitive and ready for whatever vocation to which God calls you.

Biblical Foundation

Talbot has remained faithful to its biblical foundation for more than 65 years. As biblical literacy continues to plummet and churches exchange sound doctrine for catchy slogans, Talbot seeks to equip leaders who can help the church to develop a greater love and understanding of God’s Word — leaders with the tools to understand Scripture in its original language and context and then apply it today.

Rigorous Scholarship

Talbot takes the power and authority of the Bible seriously — which is why it’s strongly committed to scholarship and rigorous academic study of God’s Word. Because of Talbot’s presence within Biola University, students and faculty can experience a place of learning that encourages biblical integration, having a breadth of knowledge and engaging with scholars from all fields of study. Biola is also home to the Center for Christian Thought, a research center for Christian scholars.

Spiritual Formation

Talbot focuses on the spiritual formation of each student through a core sequence of classes aimed at combining theological reflection on the nature of spiritual growth with practical experiences to help students open more deeply to the transformative work of the Spirit in their lives. Taught and led by faculty and staff from the Institute for Spiritual Formation, these classes help students develop the spiritual, emotional and relational maturity needed to flourish wherever God may call them.


Talbot students and faculty are diverse — with different backgrounds, different personalities, different denominations — but all are committed to Christ and fostering a loving, Christian community of scholars who encourage and build up one another in faith. Prepare for future ministry alongside peers and professors who will care for and pray for you as you experience spiritual and academic growth.

Practical Ministry Preparation

Prepare for practical ministry with Talbot’s professors, who in addition to being widely published, top-notch scholars, are also actively engaged in passionate, heartfelt ministry. Future ministry leaders at Talbot will be ready to address real issues, to teach biblical truth in context and to serve as effective ministers of the gospel of Christ.

Online Learning

Pursue your degree at Talbot from nearly anywhere in the world through one of our accessible online degree programs. Regardless of your vocation or location, you can still pursue a degree from Talbot and study with reputable Christian scholars who are committed to the Bible and spiritual growth.

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