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Learning Formats

Master of Arts students with a focus in Christian Apologetics or a focus in Science and Religion come from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. What brings them together is the desire to know and be able to provide solid evidence for their Christian faith to both believers and non-believers alike. Many of our students are working full-time, involved in ministry and are balancing family responsibilities. A variety of flexible formats allow for even more people to access this valuable training no matter where they are in the world.


Over the past 20 plus years, Biola’s Master of Arts – Christian Apologetics and Master of Arts – Science & Religion degrees have been ranked as the best graduate apologetics programs in the world. We are excited that these two degrees are now available fully online and can reach new multitudes of people from all different walks of life! Students can now earn their degree through our flexible online format, at their preferred pace, while staying connected where they live and where God has called them to be.

The need for Christians to be trained in their knowledge of scripture, critical thinking, philosophy and science continues to grow as culture shifts further away from a Christian worldview. We hope that by offering a fully online program, more people will be able to make a positive impact for the kingdom worldwide.

How the online learning format works

This new online course format will typically require: weekly discussion, reading assignments, essays or exams. Faculty lead discussions, grade coursework, and provide general course guidance. Courses are asynchronous and 15 weeks long (unless stated otherwise), and utilize Canvas as the educational learning platform, and zoom for various live components. Online students will also have the option to take a selection of hybrid or on campus courses as desired. Learn more from our online learning FAQ page.

Opportunities for in-person engagement

For those who plan to complete the degree online, but would like to also have meaningful times of learning and engagement on Biola’s campus, there will be plenty of chances for students to connect on campus with faculty in a personal and life changing way. Our special topics weekend seminar courses (6–8 a year) will continue to be available on campus for students to attend in person. Additionally, beginning summer 2022, students will have the option to attend a two credit Advanced Apologetics course with a one week residency at Biola. This amazing week of fellowship, and scholarship will be an experience you will not want to miss! Housing and meal options are available for purchase and families are welcome to join as well.

On Campus

Christian Apologetics

Students pursuing the Master of Arts – Christian Apologetics have the option to complete the program on campus. There are a variety of courses available during the day, evening, or on the weekend. Local students can have the best of both worlds by taking on-campus and online courses. Many electives are available in select course formats (online, hybrid, weekend seminars) and not available as traditional on-campus courses.

On-campus students are also able to enjoy our beautiful Southern California campus and have full access to Biola facilities year round. Take a look at these helpful links to learn more:

International Students

On-campus international students on a student visa must be full-time with nine credits a semester (six of which must be on-campus courses). It is not recommended for international students to begin in the summer because of limited course selection.

Graduate Housing

Housing is limited and only available for full time students with nine units of on-campus courses each semester.

Science and Religion

The Master of Arts – Science and Religion is a specialized degree and therefore cannot be completed primarily on campus.

There are a limited number of courses available on campus for students who live in the Southern California area. Local students looking to take some courses on campus can take some of the religious studies core and elective courses on campus, but will need to complete their science & religion and philosophy core online.